#1StudentNWI: Morgan baseball is shining bright on the baseball diamond

#1StudentNWI: Morgan baseball is shining bright on the baseball diamond

What’s recently happened?

Morgan Township High School (MTHS) is shining bright on the baseball diamond this season. In just these past few days, both softball and baseball at MTHS have been putting on a show-stopping performance.

On Wednesday, April 26, the Lady Cherokees defeated the opposing team in just five innings with a final tally of 15 to three runs.

Some specifically outstanding Lady Cherokees brought home the win, including Macy Greiger, Josephine Lemmons, Rielly Biggs, Alyssa Baimakovich and Abby Wasz. All these talented athletes are led at the front by their beast-on-the-mound: Riley DeGraaf.

Alongside the great success for the Lady Cherokees, the boys’ team is not too far behind, bringing home another proud five-inning game.

All the boys played a fast and furious game, with great force coming from Jayke Putz, Keagan Holder, DJ Hand, Logan Atchison, and Matthew Scott. Leading from the mound is the dynamic duo Grant Cowger and Chase Rosenbaum with hard-hitting pitches.

Max Rakowski was an especially entertaining watch, racking in a home-run for his team.

The boys came out on top, finishing with 30 points.

Both teams are looking up for this season, with many games to come, so keep your lawn-chairs close and your blankets even closer.

What’s coming up?

It’s that time of year again; love-struck teens and their astounding dance moves are back for prom season.

Kicking it off with the annual grand march, MTHS students are more than excited to get their moment in the spotlight. With the leadership and help of Jae Tomak and Shelby Braun, the grand march is sure to be just as graceful and heart-warming as years past. The grand march will be held at 4 p.m. through door 19 for $2 admission this Saturday, April 29.

Following the grand march, students and guests will be busting a move at Duneland Falls Banquet & Meeting Center.

Prom King and Queen will be announced on the dance floor, so watch on the Morgan Township Middle-High School Facebook page to find out who will wear the crown this Saturday.

Staff spotlight:

When it comes to teaching high school, finding teachers that can not only handle but help a group of teens can be difficult, but look no further than the Master of Math Jae Tomak for one who can.

Tomak has been teaching math classes at MTHS for nine years, each year reaching more and more students through her skillful teaching.

Being a teacher of four different math classes, Tomak has found a way to make understanding those classes just that much easier. Her love for helping her students grows each year, getting to see the success and support she’s able to provide for students that need it.

“When a student is struggling and you can be that bridge to help them understand the content, it is a great feeling,” Tomak said.

As previously mentioned, Tomak not only teaches but is very involved in student life, including being a leader in everything “prom.” Throughout all nine years, Tomak has sponsored prom along with Shelby Braun, the arts teacher at MTHS.

Tomak is not only an exceptional teacher but a mother of a son that attends MTHS along with her. Being in the same educational environment as her son has given her the opportunity to see into his school life, and know he is being taught by only the best educators.

“I get to share in his experiences more often, have the same breaks, and watch him grow as a student, not just as my son,” said Tomak.

Student spotlight:

Max Rakowski has been a proud Cherokee since day one. Headed into the end of his senior year, Max is gearing up for the next phase of life, but not without making a few more memories first.

Rakowski is a fierce member of the Cherokee baseball team and lets the world know it. His amazing skills on the plate bring fans and enthusiasts from around the county.

Rakowski uses his love for the community to help out in the fire department. When he comes around, you can trust you’re in good hands.