#1StudentNWI Writers Gather at Camp Life for a LIFER Luau

#1StudentNWI Writers Gather at Camp Life for a LIFER Luau

The #1StudentNWI program here at Ideas in Motion Media is full of great kids writing amazing stories. With 32 dedicated student writers, the program aims to give them exposure, a portfolio, and a great group of people whom they can share ideas with. The challenge: they live across Northwest Indiana, from Whiting to LaCrosse.

Getting them together can be difficult, but a few times a year we invite them out, encourage them to get together, and facilitate some great conversation between the kids. From Disney obsessions to their college goals, the latest party was no exception.

On Thursday we hosted the students at Camp Life for a LIFER Luau, an opportunity to beat the winter blues and catch up with their fellow students. A few Hawaiian shirts, lei’s, and a lot of pizza created a laid back, fun environment for them to get together. Looking back, it seems the students enjoyed the opportunity to meet other writers and share their ideas.

Edyn Mertz, the #1StudentNWI writer from South Central enjoyed the party for exactly those reasons.

“It was amazing that we got to meet other student writers,” said Mertz. “I had a blast!”

Mertz was one student who traveled to the party from La Porte County, along with others who couldn't be deterred by the heavy snowfall the county received. Coming from Lake County, a group of students including Maddie Nolan from Griffith had fun meeting students from the other side of Northwest Indiana, students they typically wouldn’t have the opportunity to interact with.

“It was great talking to everyone and meeting a few new faces,” said Nolan.

While the students stood to gain new connections and friends, the editorial staff of Ideas in Motion Media took the opportunity to discuss current events with students, getting some insight into where they get news and ideas, and how to make the program even more fun for them! For some, this was the first time they’d met many of the students, and one of the rare opportunities to talk to them in person.

“It’s great to get the students together and have the opportunity to talk to them,” said Peter Krivas, Contributing Editor at Ideas in Motion Media. “We read their articles and see what they write about, but it’s such a rare thing to get to talk with them in person. It’s really great to learn what things they care about.”

As the program continues to grow, we hope to encourage the students to connect with each other as often as possible. Through parties, games, and open communication, we aim to help them connect to others with similar interests, and find new friends they may otherwise never have had the chance to connect with.