2015 PNC Journal of Undergraduate Social Science Research

By: Purdue University Northwest Last Updated: June 6, 2015

purdue-north-centralThe Purdue University North Central Department of Social Sciences has published its 2015 issue of the Journal of Undergraduate Social Science Research. It features research by seven PNC students whose work in a department class was nominated by the course instructor.

The articles in this issue are:
Melissa D. Baldwin, Michigan City, "Understanding Post-Colonial Trauma in Native American Culture Today"
Ginny Borolov, LaPorte, "The Many Faces of the Holocaust: A Journey into the Lives of the Sienkiewicz/Borolov Family"
Catarina Cooper, LaPorte, "Truth and the Path One Takes"
Angela Hall, Hebron, "A Righteous Villain or Why John Brown Can Be Both a Hero and a Murderer"
Stephanie Hostetler, LaPorte, "Stimulant Use among College Students: A Call to Action"
Samantha Riehle, LaPorte, "Fiction from Fact: Comparison of a Novel Portrayal to Reality"
Paul Scott, Chesterton "Alternative Media and the Crimean Crisis"

The issue can be found on the Journal website