2015 PNC Student Honors Convocations

PNCPurdue University North Central students have earned a number of honors in recent weeks. Awards were presented to:

Alpha Mu Pi - Officer Leadership Award: Chrystal Ziegler, Kayla Singleton, Hayley Morris; Active Participation Award: Karen Bjonback and Aaron Ratigan

American Sign Language Club - Excellence Award: Madeline Conner

Business Leadership Society - Leadership Award: Kimberly Franklin; Club Officer Awards: Holly Harris, Amber Young and Susan Bolger

Circle K - 2016 Club President Award: Tiffany Woloszyn; 2016 Club Vice President Award: Kurt Urbanski; 2016 Club Secretary: Rebecca Ordway; 2016 Club Treasurer: Virginia Ramos-Romero; Outstanding Club Member: Matt Migliorini

Dean’s Leadership Group - Outgoing Officer Award: Paige Mellen, Emily Marovich, Ashley Starcevich, and Ellyn Johansen; Incoming Officer Award: Jason Wray, Ellyn Johansen, Samantha Lincoln and Danielle Szymkowski

Panther News Network (PNN) - Writer and Broadcaster Recognition: Aaron Ratigan, Angela Hall, Ashley Taber, Erin Cruce, Jacey Coppage, Kristen Wozniak, Maria Elena Miller, Ryan Schwingendorf, Shelby Clindaniel, Trent Laughlin, Dave Sokolowski, Joseph Ryan, Haleigh Vander Vinne, Paul Scott, Shane Hill, Samantha Lincoln and Ashley Starcevich

Ranting Llamas Improv Troupe - Time and Effort Award: Haley Jackson

Club Member of the Year - Matthew Migliorini

Club Advisor of the Year - Jane Rose

Club of the Year - Circle K

Department Awards Career Center – Student Employee of the Year: Lindsey Gear

Diversity Scholarship Recipient: American Sign Language Club

Education Department - Outstanding Future Educator Awards: Kenny Evans, Abby Vittatoe, Joni Galbreath

Student Activities - Event/Activity Engagement Grant Recipient: Construction Club

TRiO Student Support - Services TRiO Student of the Year Award: Fawn Hartz

Student Government Association Scholarship Recipient - Jason Wray

2014-2015 Student Government Representative Recognition President: Matthew Migliorini

Vice President: Grace Houser

Secretary: Anneliese Kieper

Treasurer: Tyler Feece

Representatives: Travis Ziegler, Halle Charlebois, Emily Marovich, Shane Hill, Timothy Clemons

2015-2016 Student Government Officers President: Travis Ziegler

Vice President: Shane Hill

Treasurer: Matthew Migliorini

Secretary: Danielle Szymkowski

2015-2016 Representatives - Shawna DeGraff, Tyler Feece, Shane Hill, Matthew Migliorini, Ashley Starcevich, Danielle Szymkowski, Kurt Urbanski, Jason Wray, Travis Ziegler

Part-Time Faculty Awards College of Business - Todd DeVries

College of Engineering - Josh Ward and Peter Teso

College of Liberal Arts - Kristy Virgo

College of Science - Sharron Jenkins