A BucherTech Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Ray

A BucherTech Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Ray

Sometimes a company’s reputation speaks for itself, and Jonathan Ray knew that long before he joined the BucherTech team. He considers himself incredibly fortunate to have tested and proven the theory in finding a position with a company that embodies his interests and maintains a positive reputation in the community. 

“I have always heard great things about BucherTech and its partnerships with the local communities through online news,” Ray said. “When I saw they posted a position, I had to go for it. I’ve always had a passion for IT infrastructure and this is the perfect opportunity to gain that knowledge and adapt with the ever-changing industry.”

Ray started working in Inside Sales with BucherTech last November. In that fairly short period of time, he’s collected a wealth of new knowledge, had the opportunity to participate in some of the community-focused givebacks he heard so much about, and even learned to navigate a global pandemic’s setbacks along with the rest of his team.

“I enjoy that our company works as a team. When I am tasked to do something, I know I have the ability to ask questions, giving me the chance to learn from others and to be able to hopefully one day lead someone else who may need the knowledge that I have learned,” Ray said. 

And, though tricky, the COVID-19 pandemic has given Ray and his colleagues, some of whom have been in the industry for decades, an even playing field to provide the best service possible given the unique circumstances businesses everywhere are facing. If anything, the crisis has allowed BucherTech to show off its essentiality to clients, old and new. 

“BucherTech is essential because you have many companies needing their employees to work from home during these times. With this, companies need to have not only the right machine in place to handle certain tasks, but the right security in place to protect data,” Ray said. “BucherTech as a company understands this, and I feel we make a difference within our community in regards to IT.”

BucherTech’s vision is to be the trusted leader in providing IT solutions to secure clients networks and protect their bottom lines. Ray feels and appreciates that, and he looks forward to more opportunities to play that singular role in the community and to partner businesses.

“One of my favorite moments is when our team here at BucherTech purchased 31 pies, working with Vale Park Animal Hospital and raising, as a joint team, $465 for Relay for Life. We had an in-house contest where if we sold 30 pies we would be able to ‘pie’ Ben Bucher, the Operations Manager, in the face,” Ray said.  

“Reaching this goal not only helped with an amazing cause, it showed how much fun the BucherTech team can have together, and that in itself is a great achievement,” he added.

Ray loves spending time with his wife, his cats Gizmo and Luigi, and his friends. He also enjoys fishing, getting outdoors, and relaxing at home while playing video games.

To learn more about the awesome team at BucherTech, visit https://buchertech.com/