A Graduate From Housing Opportunities Housing Program

By: Housing Opportunities, Inc. Last Updated: February 1, 2011

Josh-LuscoJosh Lusco was one of the first clients to move into Housing Opportunities Transitional program in November 2000. Josh worked with his case manager on getting a job and working on life skills of living independently; cooking, cleaning and running his own household. In October of 2002, Josh moved into Housing Opportunities Permanent Housing program.

Josh continued to work on becoming independent working on budgeting his money and saving in his savings accounts. Josh found a different job that he loved working with cars, as a car porter at a car dealership in Portage. Josh saved and cleaned his credit up to purchase his favorite car a P.T. Cruiser. Josh was an active participant in the Special Olympics; bowling, running track and field, basketball, and golf. He reconnected with his family, while in the program. He joined the American Legion with his dad. He also loved to help work on his dad’s boat. He helped his grandparents’ in their yard and groceries shopped for them.

During the 10 years Josh lived in Housing Opportunities housing programs, he became a confident, independent person. He felt it was time to move on and live on his own. He, also, wanted to give a family a chance to be able to receive the benefits of the HO program. His parting note he wrote was: “As I leave this program I would like to thank my wonderful case manager for helping achieve my goals and for being there for me. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Josh M. Lusco.”

We wish Josh the best in all his journeys and endeavors in the future.