A La Porte Hospital Employee Spotlight: Karen Jedrysek

A La Porte Hospital Employee Spotlight: Karen Jedrysek

Karen Jedrysek, Director of Human Resources at La Porte Hospital, has fulfilled her dream career after being raised to reach for the stars – and working hard to get there.

Jedrysek first joined the La Porte Hospital family in 2005 and has since fulfilled the role of Director of Organizational Development and Employee Relations as well as a Director of Practice Management on the Physician Network side. Today, she serves as Director of Human Resources, and was named non-clinical manager of the year as voted by a team of her peers in 2020.

“I love working for an organization that supports growth and development. It is the definition of: You can accomplish anything through hard work, lifelong learning, and dedication,” Jedrysek said.

Jedrysek’s parents raised her to have a strong work ethic and aspire to lead by example, and this pushed her to be her best in most aspects of her life.

“This has driven me to apply lifelong learning to all areas except for cooking,” she laughed.

Human Resources keeps Jedrysek on her toes – an aspect of the job that she loves.

“In Human Resources every day presents a different scenario. An average day can consist of benefits, payroll, workers compensation, employee relations, talent management, talent acquisition, employee education and development, management training, event planning, report analysis and more,” she said.

Jedrysek also enjoys working toward a solution when faced with a roadblock.

“My position and department are blessed with the ability to problem solve while making a positive impact throughout the organization. We are able to connect employees with resources to support them regardless of what may be a barrier,” she said.

Surrounded by a phenomenal team, Jedrysek feels confident that she and her colleagues can provide La Porte Hospital with the best of the best.

“I have the opportunity to work with an amazing administration. My Human Resources, Volunteer Services, Colleague Health and Chaplain team are supportive, dedicated, and knowledgeable,” Jedrysek said. “They are eager to grow and develop to further support our organizational needs in an ever-changing environment. This is super rewarding!”

The hard work that Jedrysek and her team put in directly translates into their surrounding communities which, to Jedrysek, makes it all worth it.

Outside of the hospital, she serves as the board president of the MSD of New Durham Township School Board, vice president of the Board for New Durham Township Public Library, and is a member of Tri-Kappa Zeta Omicron Chapter.

Jedrysek also is extremely passionate about participating in clean up days, Dunebrook Dragonboat Races, and events such as the Tour de La Porte.

“I am able to work in the community I live in, which allows me to directly impact my community through relationships and volunteering,” Jedrysek said. “My heart is dedicated to giving back to my community and environment.”

In her free time, Jedrysek enjoys practicing yoga, being out in her yard, reading, and spending time with her family. She also loves to shop and scope out unique gifts.

Looking forward, Jedrysek plans to continue to develop her knowledge and relationships to bring value to La Porte Hospital and its surrounding community.

“Human Resources is forever changing, and I am blessed to have a supportive family that has encouraged me to work hard to reach my goals,” Jedrysek said. “Professionally I have had guidance from influential leaders such as Earl Adams, and I have always admired Maria Fruth’s drive and positive impact throughout our community.”

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