A message from Bob Franko, CEO of the VNA of Northwest Indiana

A message from Bob Franko, CEO of the VNA of Northwest Indiana

Fourteen months ago I returned to Valparaiso to accept the privilege of being the CEO of the VNA of Northwest Indiana. A major factor in that decision was to rejoin the incredible nonprofit community that this community is blessed with and to support the families here who are so giving, thoughtful and committed to our hometowns. In my last ten years working in two different communities in the South, I saw nothing like what we have here.

Now we are challenged like never before. We’ve endured all that nature has thrown at us like massive blizzards, tornados, and floods. We’ve watched major industry rust away and leave empty storefronts and neighborhoods devastated by plight. Racial and economic inequities have created a division that will take generations to heal. Yet through all of this, we endure. We have the ability to overlook all that divides us and come together and rally when called to do so.

And right now we are being called again. Like never before.

Bigger than the “Blizzard of ’67,” or the Whiting refinery explosion in 1955, what we’re faced with now with COVID-19 is global, all-encompassing, knows no boundaries and doesn’t care about race, riches or politics. I’m sure, however, that our system of nonprofits, strong local legislators and cities, churches and civic organizations will find a way to get aligned and work together to lift us through this. Our hospitals and health care systems are likely to get overwhelmed, our health care workers will be exposed to things they’ve never seen before and will be exhausted beyond belief.

Your VNA of Northwest Indiana has been here for 50 years supporting families and thousands of people who need our compassionate care in the most critical times. We’ll continue to be there for you as you’ve been there for us. Through blizzards, floods, and pandemics. Together we’ll take care of each other and make our best days possible once again.