A Teachers Credit Union Employee Spotlight: Stephany Leonard

A Teachers Credit Union Employee Spotlight: Stephany Leonard

At Teachers Credit Union, community involvement is key. Stephany Leonard, Service Center Manager for the Valparaiso Roosevelt location, has been with TCU for over two years. Leonard knows firsthand what that community involvement means to someone and uses her support from TCU to do more.

Four years ago, Leonard lost her husband and found that the community rallied around her to offer support and assistance when needed. As President of the Valparaiso Sunrise Kiwanis, Treasurer for Women in Bloom, and organizer of the Soldier Shuffle 5k, Leonard strives to be involved and help others in the same fashion. One of her favorite features of TCU is its constant support of those wanting to be involved.

“I’ve always been very focused on giving back to my community so the fact that I get to work at an organization that gives me time to do those activities is what drew me,” Leonard said. “I have done a lot of things in the community and my teammates are always backing me up or looking to help me in some way, shape, or form.”

Her own involvement, and TCU’s support, is coming into play with her training for the Duneland YMCA’s Dancing Like the Stars event this year. Required to raise $5,000 during the event, TCU has already helped her meet part of her goal. The opportunity to aid the YMCA is valuable to Leonard, though, as her own children utilize their services.

“I’ve always looked for organizations that fit my mission,” Leonard said. “I really like their mission about how they’re there to educate youth as well as adults on being healthy. Not only do I get to learn to dance, but I get to raise money for an organization that does a great job giving back to the community.”

Leonard has already begun training for her role in Dancing Like the Stars, but TCU’s support doesn’t end there. Encouraging employees and community involvement is always admirable, but Leonard also appreciates the dedication that TCU and their staff have toward members.

According to Leonard, it’s all about creating that “wow” member experience versus hitting sales goals. Every organization has goals, but TCU focuses more on finding the right product for people, which is something Leonard truly identifies with.

“What I love most about TCU is that we’re more member committed,” Leonard said. “We have goals, but what TCU really focuses on is the relationship piece to that. It’s about having that conversation and learning people’s needs.”

As Leonard continues her role with TCU, it’s a guarantee that she’ll remain immersed in community service. While offering those services may be time consuming, with the support of TCU and her teammates, she’s sure to be able to continue doing amazing things for her community.

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