A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Analisa Warring

Analisa WarringAnalisa Warring has always had an inner spirit of helping people and giving back to the community she lives in.


Growing up in Valparaiso, Analisa has always been a high achiever. Born in St. Louis, M.O., and living for a short time in Georgia, her family moved to Valparaiso when she was in 4th grade. Growing up with 3 brothers, to one of whom she is a twin, has taught her to be strong, independent, competitive, and inspired her love of athletics. Being the only daughter in the family, she spoke of her mother's displeasure when she gave up choir and piano lessons and chose sports instead.

She attended Valparaiso High School, graduating in 1999, and was a three sport athlete, participating in Soccer, Basketball, and Track. Proceeding high school, she attended the University of Indiana and graduated in 2003, with degrees in Telecommunications and Business.

During her college career, she discovered a love for cycling and began biking competitively. She competed in the "Little 500", the largest collegiate bike race in the U.S. and modeled after the Indianapolis 500, and coached the team for 1 year. Included in her biking adventures was a ride, consisting of 120 miles per day, from Key West, FL to Bloomington, IN. and shared that it gave her a lot of time for self inner reflection.

If you volunteer at any community event, you most likely will see Analisa. She is a very active volunteer at many community events, but, first became involved in community organizations and events with the Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce where she attended their Leadership Academy. This led to her involvement in the United Way, the Valparaiso YMCA and then the Boys' and Girls' Club of Porter County where she currently serves as a board member, and chairs the annual "Steak and Burger" event. She also is Chariperson for the Valparaiso City Ethics Committee. Her most recent volunteer effort was at the ValPLAYso - The Next Generation! rebuild. She loves volunteering, especially when it involves children. This much is evident, as she spends countless hours, volunteering and working with children and the Boys' and Girls' Club of Porter County. She has such a passion for kids and making sure they have a safe, fun environment to go to after school.

Never dreaming she would have a career in banking, she spoke of her current position of 7 years as Vice President of Branch Development at Regional Federal Credit Union, as a "wonderful experience", and shared that her employer is very supportive of being involved in the community, which is a good fit for her.

Analisa resides in Valparaiso with her husband, Matt, and two sons.

Her generous, compassionate, giving nature and her spirit of volunteering and the positive impact she brings to our community through this spirit, makes Analisa, this week's A Valpo Life in the Spotlight!