A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Becky Juergens

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Becky Juergens

The world needs people who care for the well-being and future of our youth. Quite frankly, we need more people like Becky Juergens in our school systems.

Having been with Valparaiso Community Schools for 40 years, Juergens currently serves as a teacher at both Cooks Corner Elementary School and Northview Elementary School and also as a volunteer gymnastics coach at Valparaiso High School. Over the years, she has accumulated an expansive skillset and has mentored dozens of individuals who have gone on to lead extraordinary lives.

“Having the opportunity to be this involved in the Valparaiso school system is very important to me,” Juergens said. “Being a role model for young people, especially during this crucial time in their lives, is a job that I enjoy very much. Being an instructor has taught me so much about them and about myself; it’s been such a good experience.”

She states she was very active during her younger years, which led to her following this career path. She has experienced firsthand the immensely positive effects that athletics can have on a youth’s life.

“Being physically active made a huge difference in my life as far as strengthening my ability to be focused and organized,” Juergens said. “I learned early on that physical activity helps students with their personal development and mental health, so I incorporate all of those elements when mentoring these students.”

Juergens has stated that being a teacher and a coach has taught her empathy. She recognizes the importance of mentorship and community service and does what she can to instill positive values in her pupils.

“I enjoy what I do, so my motivation comes from the students and being a mentor for them,” Juergens said. “There are certain challenges, of course, but a teacher’s duty is to cultivate the students beyond the academic sense. As a coach, I have had the opportunity to mentor some awesome young women over the years and help teach them values that will make them stronger individuals.”

Juergens explained that her parents are the greatest influences in her life. Ever since she was young, they taught her so many valuable life lessons during her life that she has passed on to the youth she mentors. She hopes that they follow their dreams but always remember the lessons they learned in her classroom and on her team.

“I want the students and athletes I work with to accomplish anything, whether it be something academic, personal, job-related, or anything in-between,” Juergens said. “Furthermore, there are a lot of life lessons you can learn from sports. Leadership, teamwork, communication skills, and organizational skills are all personal qualities that can be improved through team sports.”

Juergens strives every day to make the most out of her skill set and experience to ensure the youth she mentors lead excellent lives and possibly even mentor others in the future, as well.

“I am satisfied with where I am at today,” Juergens said. “I enjoy my job and having the opportunity to be a role model for so many young people.”