A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: James Drader

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: James Drader

James Drader, CEO of New Creation Men’s Center, overflows with charity, kindness, and deep compassion for his community. Drader is a positive influence on those around him and does what he can for men in need.

New Creation Men’s Center is a place for men who are less fortunate and need extra help. It was founded in 2007 by Drader and his partners, who are focused on showing support, providing food, giving shelter, and offering spiritual healing to their clients. New Creation Men’s Center has a resale shop, but they also work with 14 other churches that provide shelter to men needing help. On their own, they have 50+ congregations that supply resources and New Creation employs 10 people.

“We saw a problem in our community and found our niche,” Drader said. “There weren't really many places for men in need to go for support in our community when we were first starting out.”

Drader also has worked on many collaborations ranging from Alice’s House to The Caring Place in Valparaiso. He believes these collaborations are a good way to expand and get new eyes on their non-profit. 

Drader has a background in banking and real estate. He wanted to help The New Creation Men’s Center the best he could, so that meant going back to school. Drader attended Indiana Wesleyan University to get his master’s in public administration.

Drader said he thoroughly enjoys working with his clients at the center. He describes them and himself as a family unit. Everyone empowers each other to improve each other's lives. He has even had many of his old clients come back and volunteer at the center, showing how the message of caring, generosity and service is upheld. 

“We try to plant seeds in their minds to give them the tools they need to get back on their feet and succeed in life,” said Drader.

During his free time, Drader enjoys the outdoors, including fishing and camping with his family whenever he can. Drader is a person that gives a great deal to help others. He empowers, embraces, and loves those around him. He is the quintessence of what our community is all about.