A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Laurie Mullet

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Laurie Mullet

Laurie Mullet, a Northwest Indiana native, is one of those amazing women who truly feels fortunate when helping others in the community.

Mullet held the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Pines Village Retirement Communities, Inc. in Valparaiso for almost 20 years.

“I began my career journey with Pines Village in 1997 and was promoted to CEO four years later. I’ll never forget my first day because it was on September 11, 2001,” she said. “My responsibility was to look out for the best interest of residents and honor their independence and choice. Essentially, we’re saying to embrace this part of life, celebrate it, and let us be part of that with you. I think our mission statement perfectly sums up what we’re all about at Pines Village and I’m very proud of that. We celebrate life by enriching the lives of older adults.”

Her favorite thing about Pines Village is the people they serve.

Mullet stated that her career has been influenced by so many amazing people, specifically the Pines Village board members, staff, and residents.

“I never dreamed that I would be asked to experience such a wonderful opportunity as this,” Mullet said. “There are residents that have been mentors to me over the years; they’ve taught me so many great lessons and supported me even through the not-so-great decisions that a CEO sometimes has to make. That’s always meant a lot to me that the residents know they can come to me and that my door is open to them.”

On top of her position at Pines Village, Mullet is also a part of many other organizations in the community, including as a member of the United Way of Porter County Board of Directors, a member of the Human Relations Council for the City of Valparaiso, a member of the Commission of Aging for the State of Indiana (appointed by the governor), a member of the Prisoners and Community Together (PACT) Board of Directors, and she supports many veteran organizations in the community.

Now Mullet continues to serve Pines Village as a consultant to coach the new CEO, leading the marketing team and working on special projects.

“On the Pines Village campus, there’s actually an abandoned nursing home in front of our building," Mullet said. "We were able to acquire that land, and I’m spearheading the project. It’s our goal to demolish that building and build a park in that area creating a new green space in Valparaiso’s northeast corridor. This would be open to the public and also allow residents to enjoy the park with other community members, as well."

Along with her professional endeavors, Mullet enjoys beekeeping, kayaking, and writing in her free time. Mullet also enjoys spending time with her family.

“I have four amazing grandchildren and both of my sons live in the area,” she said. “We’re really grateful to be able to be a part of their lives, along with my four siblings who also live in the area. My house is kind of the party house, and we love it!”