A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Wade Breitzke

By: Jenn Eubanks Last Updated: August 1, 2012

Wayne-3For nearly three years, Wade Breitzke has assisted various causes and companies around the community with his fun-loving and talented team. Before constructing 27 Entertainment, Breitzke handled about 120 happenings a year which required his well-tailored live music and DJing skills. Now, he spends his time organizing and attending events with his coworkers while of course letting his kind, outgoing personality shine.

Before he graduated from Chesterton High School, he experienced his first gig as a senior and has been involved in the entertainment industry ever since. Breitzke loves being around a lot of different people and finding out more about them; ultimately, following this adventure was a dream come true.

“I think I am where I am today because of the connections I made at Purdue University North Central while being a communication and business major. Staying local helped me build my network,” shared Breitzke. Promoting and building his brand was much easier staying close to home.

“We feel very blessed for accomplishing so much. My wife helps me out a lot. I often describe myself as a kite and she’s the person who keeps me grounded.”

He has so many adventurous ideas that he is thankful Cambria is there to hold his hand and plan next steps.

Wayne-2From weddings to private events (business or church oriented), 27 Entertainment provides their best music, lighting, design, production, photography and cinematography expertise. Among being known for their disk jockey history, they are now recognized for their video creations.

“It’s always been a long term goal to create a video production company that’s unlike anything else out there.  We try to not get caught up in the mundane and what’s been done; we like to design something new and fresh,” said Breitzke.

Breitzke’s ensemble takes care of benefit concerts as well. If individuals or specific causes need help with fundraising, he is the man to call. Raising support, awareness and increasing monetary gain for those in need is achieved by hiring local artists to showcase their impressive abilities. These community based benefit concerts are free to attend and whoever represents Breitzke’s company is sure to bring the function to life.

Fifteen creative and outgoing individuals make up the 27 Entertainment crew. Though most of his workers are part time, it seems all their hard work is a result of a full-time job.

“I’m really thankful for the people I’m surrounded with here. They help 27 Entertainment grow and overall allow us to have a bigger vision of the future,” he confidently stated. The company grows because of all the care and love each person brings to the table.

Wayne-4The neighborhood fully benefits from Breitzke’s artistic and delightful crew however small, medium or large the assemblies become.

“I love being out in the community. I love growing. I love adventures. I love doing things differently and breaking stereotypes of the entertainment business.”

With that positive attitude and ever brightening future ahead, Wade Breitzke promises you will never be disappointed with the results at 27 Entertainment.