Ben Franklin’s Blue Ribbon Excellence End Zone

Ben-Franklins-Blue-Ribbon-Excellence-End-ZoneThe sixth grade math teachers are excited to introduce a brand new initiative and incentive for students called “Breez” Way! “Breez” stands for Blue Ribbon Excellence End Zone. It is a way to help students gain more confidence in their abilities and a fun way to master the Indiana Academic Standards in Math.

The sixth grade students will be assigned math topics during each grading period, based on Indiana standards, through Study Island. Study Island is a newly adopted online program used at the middle school as another resource to help students gain proficiency in core subjects. To obtain a blue ribbon, students must pass each topic at a predetermined percentile individualized to meet student needs. Upon successful mastery of each topic, students receive a personalized blue ribbon, which will be hung proudly on the ceiling of our “Breez” Way.

At the end of each grading period, students who earn blue ribbons in all categories will receive rewards.

The students have been doing an excellent job passing math topics and gaining their blue ribbons. It is great to see the students looking up at the ceiling and pointing at their names; and for teachers, it is a live and ever-growing data wall that highlights students mastering math. Our goal is to fill up the ceiling with as many blue ribbons as possible!