Best practices emerge, timeless service promises stay true with CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana

Best practices emerge, timeless service promises stay true with CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana

It’s safe to say that the most successful companies moving forward after COVID-19 will be those who learn from what has occurred – those who adapt and adopt new practices, and sustain them as they evolve to continue providing the best service. CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana is in that group, having enacted several operational changes that are allowing customers to continue with their home and business improvement projects, safely and effectively. Above all, they are committed to being the “Brand of Certainty.”

“We’ve talked a lot about processes, and how a proven system for connecting with our customers from inquiry to finished job is the key to success. Our Certainty Service System has been strengthened by the pandemic situation before us, and we look forward to continuing some of these improvements into the future,” said John Jordan, President of CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana.

Being home has created an ideal situation for many to finally tackle those home improvement projects. And, from a commercial standpoint, CertaPro Painters has found that businesses are taking advantage of empty or near-empty offices and schools to have professional painters complete large-scale jobs while we are still sheltering in place.

“We have been able to offer these services safely and efficiently, by relying on the best of our Certainty Service System, but also by enacting additional measures that contribute to the health and safety of our staff and customers,” Jordan said.

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana is now offering a contactless estimate experience, where individuals can use various means of technology to communicate their project needs to the Residential Sales Associate. They’ve been able to refine the experience since first starting, incorporating Zoom or Facetime calls so people can show the scope of the project in real time.

“For those who are at low risk, and remain healthy, we are still able to send our healthy associates out for an in-person estimate, but this new offering has given us new perspective. We can now offer one more convenient option for our customers now and in the future, and that is what is most important: safety, convenience, and customer service.,” Jordan said.

The professionals at CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana have adopted enhanced sanitation protocols as well.

“We always have been known for leaving our spaces spotless and clean, and have always used professional-grade drop cloths and booties when we work in homes and businesses. Now, we have taken additional precautions to sanitize our hands and tools before, during, and after we work, and to wipe down the surfaces with which we’ve made contact while working,” Jordan said. “This is just a good practice to be in all the time and makes for a safer environment, even when there isn’t a pandemic.”

Now that the weather has turned warmer, CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana can tackle exterior projects on homes and buildings as well, without ever having to enter a person’s home or place of business.

“This is an ideal time for us to work outside as long as the weather cooperates,” Jordan said. “We also have been able to work safely inside schools, vacant rental properties, and businesses while people are working from home, which is ideal for meeting required social distancing guidelines.”

To assist customers who may be feeling a financial pinch but still need or really want to complete their essential projects, CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana has extended financing options from 12 months same as cash to 18 months same as cash through their third party partner Enerbank USA. They also have waived the 2.5 percent credit card processing fee until further notice.

To enquire about any of these programs, including the contactless estimate or exterior or commercial services, connect with CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana online at Estimates are always free, and you can request an appointment online or via phone.