Blackbird Bio: Alex Gamboa

latte-loveThis week we profiled Blackbird employee Alex Gamboa. Gamboa moved to the Midwest from California when she was younger and currently lives walking distance from the café.

In her free time, Gamboa enjoys doing yoga and playing with her three cats, whose names are Sequoia, Redwood, and Danté.

Gamboa's favorite part about working at Blackbird is watching the interactions amongst the regular customers.

"I like seeing our regular customers interact and eventually become friends. It's really interesting to watch their relationships evolve over a period of time because typically it's two people who you would never expect talking to each other. That's definitely my favorite part," said Gamboa.

Gamboa also enjoys the company of the staff, on and off duty. She describes the staff as one big, happy family.

To meet Gamboa and the rest of the wonderful staff, check out Blackbird Café located on 114 Lincolnway in Valparaiso.