Blackbird Cafe provides a variety of coffee options starting at the bean

Blackbird Cafe provides a variety of coffee options starting at the bean

Blackbird Cafe is a staple of downtown Valparaiso, but seldom visitors know how intricate and customizable its menu is. In fact, you can pick the type of coffee that will go into any of your drinks. This increases your options and your ability to explore.

Blackbird Blend

The Blackbird Blend is a dark roast coffee that tends to have a sweet and rich flavor profile. It is bold, full of body, and texture. A dark roast is slightly less acidic than other coffee beans. They get their flavor from oil that surfaces on the bean, while the oil remains within the bean on lighter roasts. 

Try Blackbird Blend with just a splash of milk or cream. You may notice flavors of caramel, chocolate, or nuts.



Kona coffee is a medium blend with intricate growing conditions. It is named after its growing region on the landscape of Hualalai, Hawaii. The bean is similar to Champagne or Wagyu because it is only true Kona if it comes from a specific region.

Kona is light, sweet, and fruity at a lighter roast, but at a darker roast, it develops a spicier, nuttier flavor. This coffee is best paired with a fruity pastry.

Highlander Grogg

Highlander Grogg is a flavored coffee bean that is roasted and then coated in a unique blend of flavoring extracts. Flavors from a Highlander Grogg often include vanilla, caramel, rum, and butterscotch making for a unique flavor profile. The type of coffee originates in Scotland but is now manufactured and drunk around the world.

You can lean into the candy-like flavors of Highlander Grogg with a Mocha Latte or simply enjoy the natural flavor with an iced cold brew.



Hazelnut coffees are a long-beloved beverage for coffee lovers. It is one of the most popular coffee flavors. The taste is mild, chocolatey, and nutty. Some drinkers even taste the coconut.

Often, coffee drinkers add hazelnut creamer to a different blend, but nothing can replace the real thing. Pair a hazelnut coffee with a savory treat, like a breakfast sandwich, to avoid pulling away from its sweetness.


Decaf is an often overlooked coffee because everyone is hoping for that boost of caffeine in the morning. However, decaf is a great alternative for those with caffeine sensitivities, caffeine-induced anxiety or health problems, digestive issues, or if it's just too late in the day to have a full cup.

Decaffeinated coffees are not different from other coffees in their flavor, they do have a slightly more sour flavor from how the beans were processed. But that’s not something the amazing baristas at Blackbird can’t fix!

Visit Blackbird today to try a new coffee combo, you won’t regret it! 

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