Boone Grove Pitcher Gets the Big Save

Boone-Grove-Pitcher-Gets-the-Big-SaveRarely in life do we experience the opportunity to immediately apply a concept learned in school to a real-life situation; however this is exactly what occurred for Boone Grove High School sophomore student Ty Bothwell. Bothwell has performed well for the Wolves’ Baseball Team in pressure situations as a freshmen pitcher, but this particular experience displayed a whole new side of his ability to act in a stressful environment.

While eating lunch in the school cafeteria, Ty noticed another student choking on a piece of food. Remembering his Heimlich Training that he received in health class the week before. Ty sprung into action. He immediately positioned himself appropriately and properly applied the correct pressure to dislodge the food that was blocking his fellow student's airway.

Ty was trained in the Heimlich and CPR during Linda Eleftheri's health class in a session provided by school nurse, Jaimie Coffin. "I am thoroughly impressed and pleased that Ty was able to identify an emergency situation and use the first aid training he received to react quickly and effectively to assist his friend in a time of need," stated Nurse Coffin. Mrs. Eleftheri added, ““ We like to teach the Hands only CPR, Heimlich maneuver, and rescue position at the beginning of the Health semester, so the students will have the tools necessary right away to help in an emergency situation, and I am glad we did.”

Even though many people receive training regarding what to do in an emergency situation, it is often difficult to actually apply the training when the crisis occurs. It is a true testament to Ty's courage and determination that he was able to perform in such a stressful situation.

“At first I thought he was joking , then I saw his face get red and I realized this was the real deal. I just stood up and and lifted him out of the chair and started doing the Heimlich. I was just blown away that it just happened and that we learned how to do CPR and the Heimlich just a week before,” said Bothwell.

Overall, it was fortunate that Bothwell had the classroom experience for everyone involved, and was willing to apply his learning in a high pressure situation. Boone Grove High School is certainly proud of his actions and his positive, humble demeanor when asked about the experience!