Calvary Church Takes its Mission Across the World

Calvary-Guatemala 8Calvary Church in Valparaiso is constantly spreading the message of God’s love all over the community. But did you know that they have taken it further? Yup, they have been going global for years now.

“It’s something we’ve grown more and more passionate about over the years,” Stacy Young, Global Outreach Director at Calvary Church said. “Realizing that these people all over the world are our brothers and sisters made in the image of God is what keeps us going.”

Calvary tries to get as many opportunities to go on missions trips as possible. They work with over 15 global partners and try to organize multiple trips a year. Their vision, “Is to spread the Word throughout Northwest Indiana and the world as we grow a community of Christ-followers who are enjoying God together.”

“We stay in touch with global partners to see that we keep up with them and their needs,” Young said. “We’ll help to build things like schools and churches, provide retreats for workers who spend a majority of their time there, Vacation Bible School, and leadership encouragement.”

It’s not just groups of people who go on these trips, individuals will go as well to different parts of the world to spread the word of God. But wait a minute, one might say, what about what’s happening right here?

“We do a lot here in the community and we have teens who go on US trips,” Young said. “We believe we need to do things here but God doesn’t want us to stop at our borders. He calls us to go and we’ve been blessed to be able to this and we want to share our blessings and the Word with people all over the world.”

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Who do they work with? Their global partners are many and include:

  • Trinity Chapel Monrova – Liberia
  • Trinity Chapel Kigali – Rwanda
  • Theological Book Network – Michigan
  • Oasis Girls Home – Guatemala
  • Oscar Muriu – Kenya
  • Michael Landoll – Germany
  • Mission Mitaboni – Kenya
  • Jimmy Kongwa – Zambia
  • Bill McClure – Indiana
  • Bethesda Outreach – South Africa
  • Randy Richner – Brazil
  • Francis Tombe – South Sudan
  • Michael Guerink – Brazil
  • Abraham Thomas – India
  • George Romeos – Greece
  • Ty Stakes – Asia Pacific


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