CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana hits nearly 400 Google reviews

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana hits nearly 400 Google reviews

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana hit nearly 400 Google reviews this June. Even with this many reviews, the company’s average rating is 4.8/5.0, while most companies with such numerous reviews average far lower. It takes stellar service for this many customers to use their time to write a positive review.

The team at CertaPro is often commended for their communication and punctuality. Some contractors fall behind schedule and make their customers wait. CertaPro customers do not run into this issue. Andrew Holtz from Long Beach described the painters that visited his home as “right on schedule, hardworking, and diligent.”

CertaPro’s painters answer questions about the jobs with ease. It is frustrating to ask someone helping with renovation for details about the price, job, or timeline and not get answers immediately. When redoing a space, multiple contractors often must work together to complete it. CertaPro Painters do not have to call management to check, they are familiar with the project, and it is always the same team returning for a multi-day job. That means fewer people in your home and a more personalized experience.

One of the biggest concerns when hiring painters is the potential mess. Before beginning, CertaPro painters cover every inch of space to avoid damaging surfaces. Bret Bologna testified that having painters in your home or business is “daunting,” but when CertaPro arrived, all of his “concern was for nothing.” He described the team as conscientious, clean, and thorough.

Painters will also fill nail holes and fix cracks in the drywall. Zachary Neff said that “the amount of patchwork that was done before any paint hit the walls,” showed him that CertaPro was, “concerned about the details.”

CertaPro will also paint cabinets to spruce up a kitchen without the high cost of replacing the cabinetry. Reviewer’s visitors ask if they bought entirely new cabinets because of how flawless the paint job is.

Peter Jongsma said, “We got several proposals from different painters and CertaPro had the best combination of a good product (Sherwin Williams), price, knowledge and focus on our room painting needs, and experienced, trusted painters.”

The multi-faceted approach that Jongsma experienced is what sets CertaPro apart from other companies. While a customer could pay a lower rate at a smaller, local company, CertaPro’s experience and quality make up for a slight deficit.

In the company’s scarce subpar reviews, CertaPro responses always offer a way to fix the reviewer’s concerns. Often, they invite the reviewer to call the office to discuss the customer’s concerns. Afterward, one reviewer mentioned that CertaPro quickly sent out a painter the day after their complaint was made.

Inviting a team into your space is stressful. Cabinets, home, and office painting all come with their struggles and worries. CertaPro is proven to be non-invasive and extremely clean, so your family or business will not be disturbed. No matter the size of the space or how it is used, CertaPro's painters apply their years of expertise to best fit the job.

For more information about CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana, visit https://certapro.com/nwi/.