Comcast Business offers affordable, reliable solutions to Region businesses

Comcast Business offers affordable, reliable solutions to Region businesses

Modern businesses are always online and always connected – internet, TV, phone, and mobile all play key roles in keeping your customers and staff happy. That makes it essential to have an internet/mobile service provider that is affordable, adaptable, and most importantly, reliable.

Comcast Business is nationally known for all of those factors – and their team in Northwest Indiana is experienced and skilled in meeting the needs specific to Region business owners. They offer every service a business needs to keep its staff and customers connected as well as cloud, voice, and security solutions for all kinds of devices.

We spoke with Jeff Cobb, Regional Vice President of Comcast Business about how Comcast is working to keep Northwest Indiana businesses at the forefront of modern workplaces.

Everyone is familiar with Comcast’s comprehensive residential offerings: internet, TV, Phone, mobile, etc. How committed is Comcast to bringing these offerings to business and adapting them to suit the needs of today’s networked workplaces?

Since its inception in 2006, Comcast Business has been committed to servicing businesses of all sizes, including the small and medium-sized businesses, which are the bedrock of our communities. We keep a pulse on industry trends and listen to customer feedback, and we use these insights to update our services to make sure they continue to meet our customers’ needs.

At the same time, we’re looking to the future of the workplace and helping our customers manage their businesses – from the office to the kitchen table to the road.

When it comes to internet connection quality, stability is just as important to a business as speed - how reliable can a business expect Comcast’s service to be?

Reliability is our top priority – after all, businesses rely on our services to provide services of their own. Our network is industry-leading. We offer different network services and packages so that any size business on any budget can get connected. We also offer more robust solutions for our large, enterprise customers. Plus, our customer service teams are available 24/7 to help as needed. Additionally, we offer Connection Pro, a product that enables our customers to continue their business transactions using a cellular data connection as a backup if their internet service is unavailable.

Cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular - how well-equipped is Comcast to help provide businesses with solutions and tools to help them grow?

We’ve seen a significant rise in demand for cloud-based solutions as more businesses explore remote and hybrid work environments. Comcast Business is constantly innovating our services to fit this market need.

We’re able to connect our customers to all major cloud providers via data center connections throughout the country. Additionally, we offer cloud-enabled products:

  • SecurityEdge, a cloud-based solution that provides an extra layer of security for businesses’ networks.
  • Business VoiceEdge, which enables business calls on any device and allows users to remotely manage calls and voicemails.
  • WiFi Pro, a service that allows business owners to manage connectivity services remotely, using a portal on their mobile phones or laptops.

More than ever, businesses need their voice services to stay mobile - how strong are Comcast’s products at allowing businesses to do things like taking calls on the go, keeping track of voicemails, forwarding calls, etc.?

Comcast Business’ VoiceEdge solution can help businesses manage their voice solutions from start to finish. Users can make and take calls from any phone but make it look like they’re calling from the office. VoiceEdge also offers call and voicemail forwarding, as well as a feature called “Be Anywhere” – if someone calls a business’ office, VoiceEdge can forward the call to a secondary contact number (like an employee’s cell phone or home phone) so that the business can respond to the call seamlessly. VoiceEdge helps small businesses feel more like a larger business to their customers.

How easy is it for a business to get these services set up, and how available is Comcast afterwards to provide support when needed?

Our goal is to keep our customers for life. We have a local sales force in Northwest Indiana and Northern Indiana, including at our Xfinity Stores in Elkhart, Granger, Hammond, Merrillville, and Valparaiso – so we can meet you where it’s convenient and bring our firsthand knowledge of the market to the table. Our team lives and works in the communities that our customers serve, so we’re as invested in their success as they are! Additionally, Comcast Business customer service is available 24/7 for troubleshooting, billing, change of service requests, and more. All our customers are assigned a project manager who works with them from sales to billing to ensure seamless service along the way.

Is there anything else that you might want to call attention to that people might not know about?

We recently launched Comcast Business Mobile, which makes Comcast Business truly a one-stop solution for businesses of all sizes. Customers can get internet, voice, video, and mobile services conveniently bundled under one provider. For more than 50 years, Comcast has been serving communities in Northwest Indiana and Northern Indiana. In total, the company has over 10,000 miles of reliable, accessible network infrastructure across Northern Indiana, including more than 2,200 miles of fiber. Over the past five years alone, we’ve proactively expanded our network to bring speeds up to 100 Gbps and other advanced telecommunications services to business and industrial corridors in Hammond, Middlebury, Portage, Schererville, Wakarusa, Warsaw, and other locations.

Are there any ongoing offers that people might want to take advantage of?

Our Comcast RISE program helps provide underrepresented small business owners with the access to the digital tools and funding they need to thrive. Comcast RISE, which stands for Representation, Investment, Strength, and Empowerment, was created in late 2020 to support small businesses owned by people of color and provides marketing services, technology upgrades, and grants to support entrepreneurs hit hardest by the pandemic. Comcast RISE just expanded eligibility to all woman-owned small businesses. This expansion recognizes and seeks to help address the persistent inequities women face in accessing the resources and funding that are critical to success.

More information and the applications to apply are available at

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