Companies of all scales can conveniently use BucherTech’s printing services to manage printing systems, save money

Companies of all scales can conveniently use BucherTech’s printing services to manage printing systems, save money

Many organizations struggle to manage their printing systems and don’t even realize it. For bigger companies, individual departments normally purchase and lease equipment which isn’t wise, economically speaking. This type of purchasing results in many small, inexpensive devices or supplies being purchased. When the financials are not analyzed, no one can identify how much printing/copying is actually costing their company. 

Tim Bucher, President at BucherTech, broke down the convenient printing services they offer to help control printing and copying costs for your large or small scaled company.

For low-volume printing, Bucher suggests eConcierge, where a small piece of software gets installed on a PC attached to the Xerox printer. Whenever supplies need to be ordered, the portal on the device recognizes and remembers all printers being utilized within the company, not just that department. The supplies are then shipped directly to the location with an invoice and mailed directly from BucherTech. 

“The eConcierge is a great piece of software because you get free lifetime service on that device,” Bucher said, noting that this type of guarantee comes after buying two supplies of product. 

Bucher also said that eConcierge eliminates the issue of getting the wrong supply, too much too little of something, or simply ordering something that isn’t even compatible with your device. 

The alternative, Managed Print, offers a way to organize printing chaos through the program PageConnect from Xerox. This is useful for companies who are looking to purchase based on the cost of use and not cost of device. The result—the cost of printing is included in the cost analysis. The costs are invoiced locally on one invoice, allowing the client to oversee what printing truly costs. At the end of the day, you only pay for the pages you print, and never supplies (color, toner, etc.). 

PageConnect has a monthly fee for users to print an unlimited amount of color, pictures, etc., on the page.  

“With PageConnect you can print as much as you want on the page, no matter how much color—it will cost the same amount,” Bucher said. 

For companies that have a high-volume color use, typical printing costs include the purchase of individual ink colors, which are not cheap. With PageConnect, you don’t pay until you print. For eConcierge, colors and pictures are additional costs.

“Most times when I go to businesses, I will see tons of toners for printers they don't even have anymore. These are incredibly expensive. We have clients who have five to ten printers with only one invoice a month and know exactly what they are spending a month for printing,” Bucher said. 

“Many pay as they go, buy the ink here and there,” Bucher continued, “but you don’t really know what it’s costing you to print in the end.”

If you have a decently sized business with several different printers, Managed Print is the way to go. For smaller businesses, eConcierge would be considered the perfect fit. 

BucherTech is a Xerox printer sales organization. The programs described above are designed for Xerox printers. 

“We have ways to configure how much they are printing and get clients with the right model,” Bucher said. “We find a good balance.”

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