CompressAir’s air system audit saves customer thousands in energy bills with resized compressor

CompressAir’s air system audit saves customer thousands in energy bills with resized compressor

Compressors are the engines that power countless factories and businesses, playing a role in almost every industry imaginable: food, agriculture, automotive, or in the case of many local manufacturers, steel. Yet compressors are not a one-size-fits-all solution; every business has specific needs in terms of output and usage frequency. If you go too big or too small, it can cost your business thousands of dollars each year, as one local business in the steel industry found out thanks to CompressAir.

As a local, family-owned compressor sales and service provider, CompressAir is an expert in the industry. The diligent steel company turned to CompressAir to repair or replace its backup compressor after a failure. Steve Hill, air systems specialist with CompressAir, visited the facility to work out a solution. Rather than simply replace the backup, he conducted an air systems audit and found that the company’s main compressor was also an issue – it was too large, costing them roughly $16,000 a year to run.

“They were never running at the top-end of their compressor,” Hill said. “It was a fixed speed compressor, and those are most efficient when they’re running full-out, 100%. Our data showed that, the majority of the time, they were running at a level oversized for their needs.”

Thanks to their air system audit, Hill and CompressAir were able to determine exactly what compressor would fit the steel company’s needs: a Sullair S-energy 3709 40 horsepower variable speed machine.

“That 40 horsepower variable speed compressor is going to save them over $4,000 a year,” Hill said. “When your annual costs are only $16,000 a year, that’s a 25% decrease in operating cost, and that’s just the electrical costs to keep it running.”

The new machine, thanks to its flexible variable speed drive, is more reliable with less wear and tear. The company was also able to get a rebate from their energy company for their upgrade.

“We walked in when all they were originally looking to do was replace their backup,” he said. “With our audit, we were able to help them upgrade their main unit, decrease their costs, and help them stop wasting energy.”

Resizing your compressor is just one of the solutions an air system audit can provide. CompressAir’s technicians also find leaks, suboptimal piping, control inaccuracies, and much more. In over three decades of service, they have helped reduce energy costs by up to 50% and maintenance costs by up to 80%.

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