Cortney and Cait Have a Blast at JAK’s

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: June 1, 2015

No matter how old you get, how grouchy you become, how many bills you’ve paid, there is still a little bit of the child you once were left inside you. And once in a while it wants out to play. But where do you, a respectable adult, go to have fun? Why, you can go to JAK’s Warehouse, of course. I did just that recently with Lady Lifer, Cortney. JAK’s is a great place for fun seekers of any age. We went and tried out as many attractions as we could, letting our inner kid take over for a spell.

First I went on the Sky Trail. As a young child I loved climbing trees and rocks and getting as high as I possibly could. I got myself safely hooked in and hopped up and into the jungle gym like structure. The best part is that the Sky Trail is indoors so I am out of the elements, yet still able to scurry around, up and down, just like I was in my trees again. I was a little nervous at first, but I knew I was safe with my harness connected above and the employees below so I went as high as I could, and came down with no regrets.

Cortney and I then went exploring in the Urban Golf Course. This is a visually stimulating mini golf course, light by only black lights. This added an extra challenge to the game and being one of the only indoor courses in the area, Cortney and I could come and get in a game whenever we wanted.

As children of the 80s and 90s, Cortney and I grew up on the 8-bit generation of videogames. I can remember going to arcades and spending hours pumping quarters into the machines so I could hear the satisfying chck chck chck of tickets as they streamed out, letting me know that I won. Of course, at JAK’s has these nifty game cards that you can add credits to and use to pay for games and when you win the tickets go onto these cards. This makes carrying things very easy. Storing massive amounts of paper tickets got annoying back in the day.

And Cortney loved all of the arcade games.

“This takes me back to my childhood,” she said. “I’m glad that there is a place that I can come to and have fun and relax. I feel very comfortable and welcomed by the staff here and the mini golf and arcade games are so cool! I’ll have to get a group of my friends to come back here soon so we can test out rest of the attractions as a big group.”

That’s the idea that Jordyn Dash, Marketing and Sales Director for JAK’s Warehouse, has in her mind.

“When I come here on my off days I bring my friends,” Jordyn said. “We love to play laser tag. We can work together as a group there, face our fears on the Sky Trail, and have some healthy competition on the go-karts. We’re all in our 20s and I love knowing that these attractions are still available to us.”

We explored the remainder of the establishment, watching people zoom around the go-karts, checking out the food court and the party rooms that anyone can use for any party of their choice whether it’s a sweet 16 party, a corporate event, or a holiday party, and eyeing the new rock wall and laser tag attractions (next time).

We wished that the day didn’t have to end, but all good things must, as they say. Cortney and I redeemed our tickets in the Redemption Center, claiming neat prizes, and said our goodbyes. We’ll be back, and we’ll bring our whole crew with us next time!