Couch to Foot Pursuit Offers Help to Beginning Runners

rot2Every March Porter County Parks and Recreation helps several runners cross a 5K finish line for the first time in their lives.

Their success is the result of spending the previous several weeks with Porter County Parks and Recreation staff, taking advantage of a program called Couch to Foot Pursuit. They received training routines catered specifically to their fitness levels, while being encouraged to develop a more active lifestyle.

This year, Porter County Parks and Recreation is bringing back the Couch to Foot Pursuit program. It will take place every Saturday from Jan. 10 to Feb. 28 from 8 to 9 a.m. at Sunset Hill Farm County Park, 775 Meridian Road in Valparaiso.

Becky Kreiger, Recreation Director for Porter County Parks & Recreation, will provide runners with the tools necessary to challenge their fitness while preparing them to run the Foot Pursuit 5K, hosted by the Porter County Sherriff’s Department on Saturday, March 7th.

The class costs $55. The fee covers the race registration, a detailed weekly training schedule, guidance from Kreiger, a certified RRCA running coach, and weekly e-mail check-ins that feature workout tips.

Advanced runners are also invited to participate in this program, giving them the chance to train with a group and improve their 5K time, training and nutrition.

Each week of the program will be designed to help runners train successfully and without injury. Participants will gradually increase the amount of running they do as opposed to walking, incorporate challenges of the landscape at Sunset Hill Farm and learn options for cross-training.

To register for the Couch to Foot Pursuit program, contact Becky Kreiger at 219-734-0203 or Individuals can also register on the Porter County Parks webpage at

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