Crown Point Police Purchase Body Cameras

Crown Point Police Purchase Body Cameras

Effective this fall, all Crown Point police officers will wear a body camera while on duty. 

At its Wednesday, May 15, meeting, the Board of Public Works and Safety unanimously approved the purchase of body cameras and new TASERs for the Crown Point Police Department. Currently, the department has 51 full-time sworn officers. 

The purchase has been in the works since March 2024, however, the department began looking into implementing the cameras in July 2022. Officers are currently piloting the program, which will take full effect in October 2024, said Crown Point Police Chief Ryan S. Patrick. 

“We spoke with several agencies throughout our area about the struggles and successes they have experienced with their current systems,” Patrick said. “This is a major cost for the City of Crown Point, but it is essential in law enforcement. We want the best for our officers and the community.” 

Ultimately, the Board approved a five-year agreement with Axon to the tune of $664,617.70, which includes the body cameras and TASERs. The City will pay $66,461.78 in 2024 and make subsequent payments of $149,538.98 through 2028. 

"Axon is a choice vendor and one of the pioneers of body-worn cameras and TASERs in law enforcement,” Patrick said. 

The City also considered proposals from Motorola and Safe Fleet. 

“The body cameras are an investment into the City’s public safety and will provide protection for officers on patrol,” Crown Point Mayor Pete Land said. “Working with Financial Solutions Group, we have a five-year funding mechanism in place, with plans to continue the program beyond 2028.” 

As approved, the package includes:

  • 52 body-worn AB-4 cameras, including a warranty and seven-place docking downloading station 
  • Unlimited storage through a third party
  • Two-year refresh allowing for the exchange of cameras back to Axon every two years throughout the five-year contract for new cameras 
  • Redaction software to help protect sensitive information that can not be released  Auto tagging that will automatically upload footage to a report 
  • A community portal allowing citizens to upload Ring, cell phone or security camera footage  On-site body-worn camera instruction and training from Axon 
  • 44 TASER 10 TASERs, including a warranty and 10-place docking station 
  • On-site TASER instruction and training from Axon, as well as TASER instructor certification for two Crown Point police officers  A trade-in program for the department’s existing TASERs, offering $500 for each eligible TASER