Dan Barrasas Brings Experience to CertaPro

Dan Barrasas Brings Experience to CertaPro

Most people in the United States live and die within approximately 20 miles of where they’re born. We grow up with friends and family and develop strong roots and ties to the community we grow up in. We may travel a bit here and there, but we always seem to find our way back home because it’s safe, it’s comforting, and that’s where our family and friends are.

Such is the case with Dan Barrasas, Residential Sales Associate of CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana, and a lifelong Hobart native. Growing up in the Region, Barrasas has developed strong ties to those he cares about.

Barrasas is married to his lovely wife Angela, and they have four incredible children together - Galvan, Morgan, a set of twins named Garrett and Corbin. With their children all grown and away at college, Barrasas and his wife like to spend their new found empty-nest time traveling and going out to local restaurants and entertainment venues.

“My wife and I like to go out and have fun now that the kids are no longer here. We like to explore the community,” stated Barrasas. "We do Covered Bridge Fest every year down in Rockville, Indiana. It’s one of our favorites. We’ve also been to Gettysburg, Washington D.C., Michigan, and Florida. My wife is a huge Disney fan.”

Other than travelling, Barrasas and his wife volunteer at ABRA in Crown Point, a local animal rescue facility. In addition to volunteering there, they have fostered pets in the past, when they adopted their current two dogs, Thor and Fish.

“We help rescue animals a lot," said Barrasas. “We’ve fostered animals before. Both our current dogs were fostered by us before we adopted them.”

Before coming to CertaPro, Barrasas was in management and sales all throughout Northwest Indiana, including spending 14 years at RadioShack, working his way up from a part-timer to regional project manager. Now, he uses his considerable customer service and experience.

“My job is also to go out and consult and figure out, for the customer, what their painting needs are and offer solutions for them,” Barrasas said. “I mainly deal with interior and exterior painting for residential homes.”

Barrasas loves working at CertaPro because of the family centered atmosphere there as well as how well they treat their employees.

“I love the structure and processes that are in placeto deliver and extraordinary experience to the customer.  We’re all about the customer experience here,” said Barrasas.

Whether caring for rescue animals or customers at CertaPro, Barrasas is an incredible and caring individual that makes sure the needs of others are met, especially the customers at CertaPro.