Deep Cuts: Four Ideas for the Fourth

Deep Cuts: Four Ideas for the Fourth
By: Steven Neville Last Updated: July 1, 2016

The Fourth of July weekend party in The Region officially kicked off yesterday with the Duneland Chamber of Commerce Fireworks, and if you’re not planning on becoming the next BBQ king or queen this weekend...shame on you, because I set you up for success last week and solid gold advice doesn’t come along every week. In fact, most weeks I am talking about Prairie Home Companion or Bob Ross. Heck, I am not even sure if I will ever have any more good advice for you.

But wait, I do have more good advice. Just remembered, this article was supposed to be another article on advice for the Fourth and not a desperate plea to read my BBQ article (please go read my BBQ article).


1.) BBQ

Honestly, I am not going to let this go. Please go read my BBQ article and learn how to become the champion of ‘cue this Fourth.

2.) Check out Hammond’s Immigration and Naturalization Ceremony

There’s fireworks after, so you’ll get your fix. But the ceremony before the fireworks, where hundreds of hardworking people in The Region accomplish their dreams of becoming citizens of the United States, on the Fourth of July, is a beautiful reminder of what this holiday is really about.

3.) Go to a parade

If you live in Northwest Indiana, you know one thing: Steve has the best advice on BBQ

No, it’s that we love parades and we relish the chance to partake in a parade whenever we can. If you’re looking for what parade to hit up, my main man Brett has you covered with the ultimate list of everywhere you need to be.

4.) Go play some golf

From Briar Leaf to the east, or Sand Creek to the west(ish), Northwest Indiana is fortunate to have so many awesome courses in such a small area. And if the weather is anything like what we have had lately, golf is in the “fore”cast.

There you have it, SOLID GOLD advice on what to do this weekend. But if I had to offer one more bonus piece of advice for a GREAT Fourth weekend it would be this: Have fun…