Deluxe Bloody Marys are the latest savory trend in the Region

Deluxe Bloody Marys are the latest savory trend in the Region

Stop by any restaurant, and you’ll begin to notice with increasing frequency the trend of deluxe Bloody Marys. The savory cocktail isn’t just a hair-of-the-dog brunch fixture anymore. Now, you can order a Bloody Mary for your main course. Skewers stacked high with olives, pickles, sausage, cheese, bacon, peppers, even whole cheeseburgers adorn these decadent drinks, which have become staples on menus everywhere.

With such temptations available, it can be easy to lose sight of the delicious, simple promise of a homemade Bloody Mary. We found a way to concoct a beverage just as delicious as the expensive, showboat Bloody Marys of late—with or without the trimmings. Indiana Beverage now offers the Stout Bloody Mary Blend, a mix that promises smoky, spicy, and bold flavor. Just add vodka (and/or whatever else your heart desires).

Part tomato, part “umami goodness” (the label’s phrasing, although I wish I had come up with it myself), the blend is vegan, gluten-free, and contains no high-fructose corn syrup. The promise of smokiness is no come-on—ingredients like horseradish, worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, and tamarind mingle to create the perfect heat. Honestly, Stout is tasty enough to drink straight, hold the alcohol.

We decided to round up a handful of Lifers and friends to taste test Stout (it wouldn’t be fair if I had it all to myself) and divulge their favorite Bloody Mary recipes. All I have to say is that if I could chant Bloody Mary three times in front of my mirror and conjure a ghostly figure to hand me a cocktail made with Stout, I would risk it. I can’t get enough of olives and pickles in a Bloody Mary, and this blend undercuts the tartness of those treats with that nice hint of smoke.

2019-Bloody-Mary-Indiana-Bev-01Stacey Kellogg, Editorial Director
I love fancy Bloody Marys that have all the goods on top (bacon, cheese cubes, pickles, celery, you name it). But the Stout Bloody Mary blend is so fantastic that I just want to enjoy it by itself, with a generous splash of Titos and some Tajin seasoning on the rim. It’s bold and tangy, but not sour, and is thick enough to sustain a more generous vodka pour without having to use a half a bottle of mix. The spice blend in the mix is well-balanced - just the right amount of heat. I’ve definitely found my new brunch drink.

2019-Bloody-Mary-Indiana-Bev-02Stephanie Swearington, Director of Operations and HR
I love a good Bloody Mary, and was not disappointed by this tasty mix. It has the perfect mix of tomato, spices and zestiness. The spices are not overwhelming, however. My favorite combo is tomato juice, Bloody Mary mix, a dash of celery salt, and, as a garnish, I like to add queen green olives and a pickle. It’s a drink, and a snack. The only thing I needed to add to the mix is the garnish! It was great!

2019-Bloody-Mary-Indiana-Bev-03Julia Demma, Contributing Editor
The Stout Bloody Mary Blend took me on a trip to a backyard barbeque. After one sip, I was hooked. The mix is a strong, thick blend of smoky, salty, spicy goodness without overpowering the taste buds. On top of this, there is a decent amount of spices blended within the mix that will keep you reaching for the drink. This Bloody Mary would pair perfectly with classic barbeque or a home-style breakfast, such as biscuits and gravy or a piece of breakfast ham.

John Mergenthaler, brother-in-law of Contributing Editor and Videographer Kole Rushmore
The Stout Bloody Mary mix is awesome and was really enjoyable to drink, down to the last sip. It had good flavor and the right amount of spice. I think if you add a pickle or olives you have an easy and great Bloody Mary!

If you’re a fan of this cocktail, or we’ve convinced you to give it a go, be sure to add the Stout Bloody Mary Blend to your grocery list. You deserve a little something to look forward to this week. Actually, I don’t know about you, but Demma’s homestyle breakfast suggestion has me wanting to start out every day with a Stout Bloody Mary.