Dena Lopez Finds Inspiration and Encouragement at the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center

Dena Lopez Finds Inspiration and Encouragement at the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center

Working in an inspiring and encouraging environment is something many people wish for. For some, when they find that place, it encourages them to become even more involved. For Dena Lopez, a radiologic technologist, the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center was that environment.

Lopez began working with Methodist Hospitals when she was 20 and worked as the secretary within the Mammography Department for many years before she decided it was time to head to school.

“I used to be the secretary here. I went back to school at Indiana University Northwest,” said Lopez. “I’ve always had a great interest in our body and the way it functions, so I wanted to do something that would take care of other people.”

That desire to care for others led her through the program and back to the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center. Though she spent a brief amount of time at another facility, she claimed it just wasn’t the right fit for her.

“I’ve been here for 15 years. When I graduated from school I actually got a job elsewhere, but Methodist is home for me. After working at a place for so long, you know everybody and you’re with them as much as your home family,” said Lopez.

Spending so many years at Methodist has given Lopez great connections with her coworkers, but also with patients throughout the years. Serving others when they are often at their most vulnerable is part of the experience for Lopez, and something she’s eager to help with.

“I feel that there's an emotional aspect to mammograms. There’s the big ‘C word’ involved, so it’s personal,” said Lopez. “Their comfort is one of my top priorities and I try to treat them like I’ve known them forever.”

Working somewhere with people who share the same goals is also important to Lopez. She knows that every patient should receive the best care possible, and loves that her coworkers believe the same.

“I think we all have the same goal in mind: to do what’s best for the patient. We have certain standards that we uphold,” said Lopez.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the career for Lopez continues to be patient comfort and satisfaction. While women are often stressed and worried when they enter the building, she loves knowing that by the end of the procedure, they can be relaxed and feel reassured that they are in capable hands.

“It’s an emotional aspect, it’s knowing that I’ve made a test not as bad for women. I try to be jovial and joke to try and keep their mind off the mammogram so that they’re ok when they leave,” said Lopez.

Overall, a feeling of comfort and inspiration is one that can be expected at the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center. Both patients and employees can look forward to great care, reassurance, and encouragement from those around them.

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