Disney Institute – How Disney Does It

By: Flanagins Bulk Mail Service Last Updated: July 26, 2010

The magic and enthusiasm of the Disney Institute workshop is over, now what? This post is about exactly that, for a small business in Indiana. disney-parade

Ever wonder why you get that magical feeling when you are at Disney, thinking of going to Disney or even talking about Disney? Where is that feeling coming from and why don’t you feel it when you go to a local theme park, water park or retail store?

Why is it so fun to buy a that adorable Cinderella dress in Downtown Disney and not as fun when you buy the same dress at your local mall?

How is Disney training and retaining so many employees while paying them a moderate wage?

Well, many of the world’s leading businesses wondered the same thing and began to ask Disney how they do it. Thus, the Disney Institute emerged. Now businesses from all over the world and even small businesses from Indiana are attending their workshops and learning how Disney does it.

How awesome is that? How many businesses do you know that give you their “business blueprint”?

Have you ever taken a Disney Tour like Backstage Magic or Keys to the Kingdom Tour? If you have, you may very well be a Disney Institute alumnus already. If you haven’t, you should! The tours are a “must do” for all Disney FANatics.

Oh and guess what else? Once you are a Disney alumni, you get a discount on all other Disney Institute programs.

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