Dr. Lyndsay Klemans Offers Compassion and Love to Animals at McAfee Animal Hospital

Dr. Lyndsay Klemans Offers Compassion and Love to Animals at McAfee Animal Hospital

Everyone wants their pet to receive the best quality care that is available. As a member of the family, choosing their veterinarian, or office they visit, can be a huge decision for some families. For those looking for a caring place, look no further than McAfee Animal Hospital, and Dr. Lyndsay Klemans.

Dr. Klemans is newer to McAfee, but as experienced as you’d expect for a location with such high standards. Providing the best to animals in need is her highest concern, and an attitude she believes is shared by the entire staff.

“Everyone is on the same page as far as taking a team approach. I think overwhelmingly that everyone is a giver and wants to help,” Klemans explained. “Everybody wants to be sure every pet gets the best medical attention that they can get.”

That team approach lends itself well to Klemans’ view, that each animal deserves the best care possible. As someone who has constantly been around animals, she couldn’t imagine working anywhere without them.

“I think for my whole life, I’ve either held a dog's leash in my hand or a horse's lead rope in my hand. I don’t feel complete without having a four-legged animal around me, so I couldn’t imagine a life that didn’t have animals as an overwhelming part of what I do,” explained Klemans.

Though she specializes in equine chiropractic, she still enjoys helping animals both large and small on their way to a healthier life. One of the ways she is able to help is via rehabilitation therapies after surgeries.

“I also do rehabilitation therapy in small animals, which is a great opportunity for me to be at McAfee because they do so many orthopedic surgeries. That allows me to work with those animals to make sure they recover quicker,” said Klemans.

That extra care provides many animals with the chance to lead a more comfortable life. But what about the chiropractic side of care? Surprisingly, animals are more receptive to it than would be expected.

“When I was going through school, I would go to the animal shelter and when you get those dogs out of cages they are crazed and so excited to be around people. We thought, ‘how are we going to practice when we need them to stand still?’ It was amazing, we’d just start a little bit and within the first 5-10 minutes they settle down and realize what we were doing was making them feel better,” Klemans explained.

Finding someone who is compassionate and caring when it comes to pets is an important step in choosing a vet. For your furry friend, keep Dr. Lyndsay Klemans at McAfee Animal Hospital in mind!