Drone Photographers Capture Bird’s Eye View in NWI, Chicago: Part One

Drone Photographers Capture Bird’s Eye View in NWI, Chicago: Part One

Ever wonder what Northwest Indiana and Chicago would look like from above? These photographers take to the air via drones to get breath-taking footage of the area's landmarks and events.

Brandon Clair
Company: Timeless Aerial Photography, LCC.
Lives: Portage

Drones & Equipment: “I fly all DJI drones from the DJI Phantom 4 to the DJI Inspire series with thermal imaging cameras. I fly for other companies that have bigger drones, some hand-built, to the larger drones that DJI carries.”

Experience: “I have been doing drone photography and videography for four years. I started when you had to have an actual pilot's license to fly drones commercially, now it's just a written exam.”

Favorite Part About Drone Photography: “I never leave home without my drone. You never know when you might see something, or the sun is catching something just right. I fly for companies in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and in Illinois. Right now, there is no one particular place I like to take my drone. I just enjoy making people smile, and see things in a way they never have before. So, if that takes me to the beach for the day to show off the lighthouse and our wonderful frozen shores of Lake Michigan, or down a main road of an old town, and over some of the most historic covered bridges in our state- at the end of the day, I like to go where I know the photos I take and the footage I get will bring a smile to everyone's face. From the younger generation surfing the internet, to older generations who are not able to get out anymore and can see all the places they use to go and take vacations and enjoy time with their families, or give ideas for new families to make lasting memories.”

Featured Videos:
Frozen Lighthouse and Lake Michigan Aerial Tour

Sunset Hill Farms’ Amazing Winter Wonderland

Eight Covered Bridges in Indiana, Fall Tour Best of 2017

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Barry Butler
Company: Barry Butler Photography
Lives: Chicago

Drones & Equipment: “I use Phantom 4 Pro.”

Experience: “I have been doing drone photography for 3 years.”

Favorite Part About Drone Photography: “I like use the drone along the lake shore. One, because it's legal to do so and, two, it's our most scenic spots in the city. In Chicago, we have a lot of restrictions for drone usage, so the options are limited. Unfortunately, I've had already two drones that are viewing the bottom of Lake Michigan.”

Featured Videos:
Time Lapse of Chicago Fog

Time Lapse of a Skyline Sunrise:

Lake County Lightning Show

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Ken Mikrut
Company: Region Aerial Photography
Lives: Crown Point

Drones & Equipment: “High-tech drones such as DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Phantom 4 give high resolution video.”

Experience: “I’ve been doing drone photography for one year, but have been flying remote control drones and models since I was 14 years old. They’re two totally different hobbies for me, I like flying RC’s and I like aerial photography.”

Favorite Part About Drone Photography: “I like to go to Cedar Lake, the Chicago lakeside, and at the Dunes. I test fly about twice a week, I go all over the area and Illinois.”

Featured Videos:
Lake County Fairgrounds Willy’s Works Fireworks Display

RC Jet Turbine Maiden Flight at Midwest Sundowners

Jets Over the Heartland

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