Extreme Home Makeover: CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana transforms Valpo home into modern manor

Extreme Home Makeover: CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana transforms Valpo home into modern manor

Starting an interior paint job can seem like a daunting task. Moving furniture out of the way, having painters working in the house all day, and feeling a lack of privacy or peace are often some of the first things people think of when they consider repainting their house. It can be a true struggle, but with CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana, it doesn’t have to be.

CertaPro Painters is dedicated to providing a smooth, pleasant experience throughout the entire painting process, no matter how big the project is.

For homeowners Paige Crane and Michael Kurz, CertaPro Painters’ steady pricing was what originally led them to choose the company over other competitors.

“He was able to hold his 2021 quote. We had to delay the project and other companies had really escalated their prices, but he won out on price in the end,” said Crane.

Crane and Kurz enlisted the help of Interior Designer Keith Roy, Crane’s brother, to choose paint colors.The CertaPro team was more than happy to bring Roy and Crane’s visions to life.

Once the homeowners chose CertaPro Painters, Residential Sales Manager Dan Tirpak drove out to meet them for a pre-job walk-through of the home.

“We actually came out and met the customer again, had the work order, the contract, all the colors selected and everything, and walked room by room with a production manager who oversees the crews that are out on the job sites and we came up with a game plan,” said Tirpak.

Before the work began, Tirpak and the team came up with a plan to keep disruption to a minimum. Crane works from home, and it was important that the painting process was not overly distracting or loud during her working hours. When it came time to paint her home office, the team was happy to paint on a day when Crane would be out of her office already.

“The fact that they were willing to work around my schedule and not have me have to move my computers to the dining room or anything like that was really great. It really wasn't very loud, but if they thought they were going to be loud they would even come and close the doors for me. They were very courteous through the whole process,” said Crane.

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No matter the situation, the team at CertaPro Painters is dedicated to ensuring comfort for customers throughout the entire painting process. For the homeowners, the crew began to feel like family, and despite the two-week duration of the project, they never felt disrupted.

“We love the crew; I was actually really sad when they left. I felt like they were like my family for two weeks. They were very polite, very courteous, cleaned up at the end of every day, and reput down everything at the beginning of every day,” said Crane.

At CertaPro Painters, maintaining the happiness of the customer throughout the project is the most important part of the job. Ensuring minimal disruption and excellent service is top priority for every team member on the job.

“They're still living a busy, normal life and we have to try and accommodate and work around that. Our process is making sure that when we go in we're not disturbing their everyday routine,” said Tirpak.

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