Families Celebrate Completion of 12-Week “Fight Club”

On Sunday November 24th, members of Fight Club, a disciplinary and leadership improvement group for men, and their families gathered at the Nazarene Church in Valparaiso to celebrate the end of their 12-week journey. Fight Club is an organization for men looking to better their lives through 12 weeks of camaraderie, competition and spiritual reform.

The men are required to complete weekly challenges within the context of community and accountability. The challenges change weekly and cover spiritual, relational, and physical assignments, along with scripture memory and opportunities to try something new, sometimes intimidating, sometimes just-for-fun.

Kristin Manthisen, wife of Fight Club member Eric Manthisen, praised the organization for what it has done for her family. “You are surrounded by men who have accepted the challenge to be better disciples of God and have done it. They have been given challenges that have taken them outside of their comfort zone, forced them to fight to be better people, and spread god's good news in the world around them. My Eric has made massive changes!”

Todd Marsh, a proud member of Fight Club, said, “To answer what fight club has done for me, It has done so much. For one, it has brought my family closer, I can tell you that for sure. Just focus on what is important. Focus on God, focus on your family, focus on your brothers.” In regards to the future, Bob Clark said, “It isn’t just 12 weeks, it’s the rest of our lives”.

The men and their families enjoyed a night full of song, prayer and bonding. The families look forward to going out into their community and sharing what they have learned and hopefully positively inspiring and touching the lives of those around them.