Five Most Anticipated Cars for 2016

2015-Ford-FocusThe 2016 model year vehicles have been hotly anticipated for awhile now, as most new car dealers have been expecting some incredible advances in new car technology that will change the way you drive. From the Ford Focus to the Cadlllac CT6, this is going to be a tremendous year for cars.

Five Great Cars, One Great Year

1. Cadillac CT6 -- The Cadillac CT6 could bring the heft that the automaker has been missing. Nine inches longer than the BMW 5 Series of vehicles, it includes a 10.2-inch touchscreen that brings drivers CUE infotainment. The console features hard keys and a touchpad.

2. Ford Focus RS – This update to the 2015 Ford Focus is poised to bring the Focus brand to a new level. An alternative to the Focus ST, this hatchback throws down the gauntlet to the competition, offering a 2.3L 315-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine borrowed the Mustang. Combined with a manual six-speed transmission and four-wheel drive, this vehicle is going to give its hatchback competitors a run (or a drive) for their money. With leather-wrapped seats, alloy pedals, an aggressive front fascia, and much more, this is sure to be an exceptional hatchback.

3. Honda Civic – This full redesign of the Civic exemplifies the more aggressive styling that’s taking 2016 by storm. With sharper and sportier angles, this high-performing vehicle will have a 2.0L four-cylinder engine standard, and more cabin room. 4. Jaguar XF – The 2016 XF will incorporate many of the most innovative upgrades on this list. With new aluminum construction, two available supercharged V6 engines, Jaguar’s InControl Touch infotainment system, and much more, this luxury sedan is sure to impress with its British-style thrills.

5. Toyota Mirai – The Mirai is one of the freshest entries in the electric car market. Getting 153 hp, the electric motor isn’t incredible, but with heated leather seats and GPS navigation, this will be a good, solid option for ecologically conscious drivers.

If you're interested in learning more about the exciting new lineup for 2016, contact your local dealership today.