Flanagin’s Bulk Mail shares mailing tips with customers

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail shares mailing tips with customers

Reaching and retaining clients is always at the forefront of any business owner’s mind. Flanagin’s Bulk Mail works everyday to help businesses throughout Northwest Indiana connect with their customers. 

Specializing in bulk mail, Owner Donna Flanagin knows the ins and outs of achieving a successful mailing campaign with the best possible postage rates. 

Putting together a mailer that draws people’s attention is the first tip that Flanagin recommends. Mailers have very little time to grab someone’s attention, so you have to make it memorable. Part of this is making sure that each mailer has concise language with a clear message. 

New clients are encouraged to think of an easy-to-understand headline that will both let customers quickly understand their service and know what to do next. 

Flanagin cautions clients to not try to put too much information on one mailer. 

“I would usually recommend a postcard,” Flanagin said. “It is cost-effective, and you definitely have their attention with your headline message.”

Pictures are also very important in a successful mailing campaign. 

Flanagin reminds clients that customers like pictures. When deciding what to include in each mailer, selecting a picture that supports your message is critical. In addition to pictures, adding a map and putting the business contact information front and center sparks customer interest. 

Knowing how to prepare each mailer is also key. 

For bulk mail, the post office has a 200-piece minimum standard presort mail and 500 pieces for first-class presort mail.

Of course, reaching customers is sometimes more difficult than one would expect. 

Customers move and addresses change. In addition to removing duplicates and fixing addresses, Flanagin’s Bulk Mail recommends reaching out to a client base that has worked in the past.  

When thinking about an ideal customer, Flanagin encourages clients to reflect on where they’ve had prior success.  

“I usually ask them who their customers typically are and if there is a particular region that has a good portion of their customers,” Flanagin said. 

Choosing how and when to send mailers can be a difficult task for first-time customers. Flanagin believes that balance is easier to achieve than some might think. 

“I do caution that one mailing may not do the trick,” Flanagin said. “If they can afford it, do several mailings so customers become familiar with your name.

Flanagin and her team take great pride in walking customers through the mailing process. 

To learn more about Flanagin’s Bulk Mail visit mybulkmail.com or call (219) 464-9871.