Focus on Relationship Banking Sets Centier’s Business Bankers Apart

Focus on Relationship Banking Sets Centier’s Business Bankers Apart

Families and businesses across the Region depend on Centier Bank to provide banking and expert financial services. Excellence is the standard by which all of Centier's Business Bankers operate, and in 2018, the high-performing division was led by the bank's Highland Business Banking Team.

Centier hosts an Annual Celebration of Excellence to thank associates across the state for their hard work and recognize individuals, teams, branches, and divisions for outstanding performances. The Highland Team, led by Vice President and Group Sales Manager Jerry Tomasic, earned the title of Banking Team of the Year for 2018, while Jennifer Willis, Vice President and Business Banking Group Manager, was named Business Banker of the Year. The Highland team accepted the honors for their dedication to Centier’s core philosophy: relationship banking.

“What truly sets one bank apart from another is the manner in which we treat our clients,” Willis said. “Our clients know that not only are we their trusted advisor and friend, but we’re their biggest advocate. We are passionate about creating lifelong partnerships with our clients and giving them confidence that we will always stand by them.”

Centier Bank’s values have helped the company grow to be successful and trusted. They believe in fostering an environment that puts care, loyalty, integrity, friendship, and fun at the forefront. For Tomasic, following these core values was the simplest way to build one of the strongest teams in Indiana.

“Creating a work environment that facilitates confidence and cohesion is a must,” he said. “We meet regularly to celebrate successes and to discuss things that are working well or areas that need attention. I like to challenge my team to bring new ideas to the table for discussion. Most importantly, you need to create a healthy balance between working smart and having some fun.”

centierbankAPRIL2 Most of Centier’s Business Banking clients are small, local businesses and companies valued $5 to $10 million in revenue with fewer 500 employees. Some of the services are the same as those offered to individuals, such as checking or savings accounts. Centier also offers business-specific loans, payment solutions, lines of credit, and more. Business Banking requires building strong relationships and understanding how best to help businesses take advantage of these services. Willis earned her honors by doing just that, while also exceeding Centier’s standards.

“I joined the bank in May of 2017, so to be recognized as the Business Banker of the Year in my first full year was very humbling and a bit overwhelming,” Willis said. “I was very blessed to have the opportunity to expand existing bank relationships and establish new client relationships in 2018.”

Tomasic approaches leadership with the eye of a lifelong coach. Centier, just like any sports team, has goals and standards for their business bankers. He boiled his strategy down to a simple playbook.

“I really focus on managing less and leading more. I’m constantly challenging myself to find ways to work with team members, rather than hanging over their shoulders,” he said. “Here are my top four tips: lead by example, genuinely care about your team, hold yourself to a high standard, and find ways to make things fun!”

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