Franciscan St. Anthony Health – Crown Point Nurses Select Dr. Frederick Klepsch for Annual Service Award

Frederick-KlepschFrederick R. Klepsch, MD, is this year’s recipient of Franciscan St. Anthony Health - Crown Point’s St. Raphael Award, which, since 2005, has recognized physicians who have improved patient care through the nurse-doctor relationship.

Klepsch, an orthopedic surgeon who has been with the hospital for all of his 32 years in the profession, said he felt privileged when he learned of the honor, which is named for Raphael, an archangel, patron saint of physicians and nurses. The award is presented by the hospital’s Performance Improvement Council-Shared Decision-Making.

I try to approach medicine, and to work with the nurses, using a team approach. I am just part of the health care team,” Klepsch said, adding, “Nurses are an integral part of that team. You have to be able to work with and cooperate with them – that is vital to the patient’s benefit.”

Nurses agree.

In Klepsch’s award notification letter, Susan Jostes, chairwoman of the performance council, said nurses believe he exhibits a good rapport with them, provides education and serves as a resource, exhibits a team approach to patient care, shows respect for the nursing profession, supports nursing staff with patients, their families and the administration; and portrays characteristics of a positive role model for physicians.

Klepsch added his work is all about the patients.

If you do the best you can for every patient and pride yourself on good, honest service, most everything else will take care of itself.”

Klepsch will receive the award at an annual medical staff meeting Nov. 1 and be honored at a subsequent celebration conducted by the nurses.

In addition to his hospital honor, Klepsch recently was recognized by the Crown Point Community School Corp. as a “District’s Business Partner” for his support of a high school building project, as well as for serving as the sports team physician and for regularly being a diamond sponsor of the school’s annual “Dog Tale Affair” fund-raiser for the athletic department.

In light of numerous changes occurring in medicine, including increasing regulations and decreasing reimbursements, Klepsch believes a cooperative approach between nurses, physicians and other health care workers “is more important than ever, to ensure patients continue to receive the quality health care they deserve.