Frontline Foundations Receives $5,690 Grant to Aid Client Intake & Assessment

pcacs-frontline-foundations-2015The Frontline Foundations received a grant from the Porter County Substance Abuse Council for $5,690.00 to provide drug screening and clinical assessment in an effort to extend the reach of services for young adults in need regardless of their ability to pay.

Typically, Frontline clients are below the poverty line ($0-$22,000 annually). The average client is only able to pay $30 of the $114 fee. The National Center for Substance Abuse reports the second most common reason cited for individuals not seeking treatment is their inability to pay for services.

Frontline’s focus is to serve young adults in need of services regardless of their ability to afford treatment. “The grant will allow Frontline Foundations to continue serving Porter County residents that are at high risk of alcohol and substance abuse and addiction, said Derek Frazier, Frontline Development Director.”

Beatrice Owen, Director of the Porter County Substance Abuse Council, added “This collaboration will assist in the efforts to keep our communities healthy and increase the quality of life for current and future generations that live, invest, travel and work here.”

The Porter County Substance Abuse Council awards grants to its coalition members through a competitive application and review process. The Council has awarded almost $1.5 million in the last ten years to programs throughout the county that work to reduce substance abuse. Anyone interested in the Council or its grants may contact Beatrice Owen at 219-462-046 for more information.