Give the Gift of a Friday

Give-Gift-FridayWith temperatures below freezing we are reminded of how lucky we are to have our basic needs met. A roof over our heads, a blanket to keep us warm, a nice winter jacket. At times we can take these things for granted, but for the clients of Dayspring these basic needs are not a given. Here is how your support to the Give the Gift of a Friday campaign can help:

$5 = 5 rides of our local bus

$10 = a warm meal for one client

$20= a new scarf and glove set

$30 = a new blanket/ sheet set

$40 = a warm winter jacket

$50 = a nice pair of winter boots

$75 = furnishings for a new apartment

$100 = 4 hours of case management services

$400 = one more day open at Dayspring

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