Gov. Holcomb shares good news around the state and beyond

Gov. Holcomb shares good news around the state and beyond

Governor Eric Holcomb traveled to Valparaiso on Tuesday, February 21 to congratulate both the Valparaiso Vikings State Championship Football Team and visit the GreatNews.Life office. Continuing his support of Northwest Indiana (NWI), Holcomb took time out of his busy schedule to highlight the positive news throughout the state. 

“Indiana is on a roll,” Holcomb said. “We’re experiencing such positive momentum, and it didn't start yesterday. Over time, that stability, certainty, and continuity really breeds confidence.”

Focused on sharing the positive news throughout Indiana and the world, Holcomb sees telling the Hoosier story as essential to Indiana’s long-term economic success. 

“You’ve got to go out and share the good news,” Holcomb said. “We go all over the world. Foreign and domestic investment doesn't happen unless we're out sharing the good news and sharing our Indiana story.”

Holcomb is quick to point out that this work started before him but has led Indiana to an enviable spot economically. Currently, Indiana has a budget surplus, is experiencing low unemployment numbers, and continues to see businesses move into the state. 

In an effort to bring this work to the next level, Holcomb works with in-state and out-of-state partners. Aligning with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI), for example, allows Holcomb to build off the good that is already happening around the state. 

“Indiana is the heart of the heartland,” Holcomb said. “I hear this all the time–they're just so nice in Indiana. When people get here, they feel that warmth, the Hoosier hospitality.” 

Holcomb plans to continue this tradition by using Indiana’s advantages to create new opportunities. Through continued and strengthened partnerships, Indiana leaders are looking to enhance policies that are strategic and long-lasting. 

“We certainly make responsible investments,” Holcomb said. “We're not just throwing money at something and hoping it works. It's good local leadership. It's a partnership. It's collaboration. Everyone comes together with a plan and then everyone sets out to implement that plan.”

Holcomb detailed the improvements and steadfast work of Region leaders. Specifically drawing attention to the connection between communities throughout NWI, Holcomb noted that what’s good for one area is good for all. 

“Mayors and people that are stepping up, doing things differently, are the folks who are taking on big challenges–pouring their heart, soul, and success back into a community,” Holcomb said. 

Holcomb believes that the power of this work is creating something that exists and grows for years to come. 

“I always say when we do a deal, I'm doing it forever,” Holcomb said. “This is not me trying to build up my resume. This is about the work that's going to be here”

For Holcomb, improving the quality of life of Hoosiers begins with giving them opportunities and choices. Through a strong economic foothold, Holcomb intends on investing in the areas that Indiana needs most.  

“I just want to make sure we keep going, and that the good stuff continues perpetually,” Holcomb said.