Great Lake Sound Chorus Brings Art of Barbershop Singing to the Region

By: Great Lake Sound Chorus Last Updated: May 16, 2012

Great-Lake-Sound-ChorusGreat Lake Sound Chorus is not only a Sweet Adeline Women’s Barbershop chorus, but they are a wonderfully diverse group of women, unbelievably talented and dedicated to the work it takes to succeed.

On May 5th, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, thirteen choruses, ranging from 16 to 83 members, competed. When the announcements were made, Great Lake Sound was excited to hear their name. Third Place Small Chorus Award goes to….Great Lake Sound Chorus of Valparaiso, Indiana. A few minutes later when the Fifth Place Overall Award was announced it was hard to even hear what was being said because of the screams of 17 ladies from Valparaiso. Great Lake Sound Chorus had won again.

The last time medals were draped around the necks of some of these ladies was in 2001, and although these visible accomplishments are far apart, the hard work and the dedication from every member makes the journey so worth it. Special thanks to our wonderful director Carol Thompson who joined us four years ago.

The road to greatness never ends. As the new year for the chorus begins, new goals need to be set. The focus is on new members and getting our name out in the community.

There will be a SING FOR THE SUMMER program starting June 12th, 2012. The formal portion will last four weeks and includes weekly lessons on the art of barbershop singing. This program will be held at our rehearsal hall at Faith Memorial Lutheran Church, 753 N. Calumet Ave, Valparaiso, IN, starting at 6:30 PM. Songs learned during this program will be included at our Porter County Fair performance on Monday, July 23rd, and those participating in the Sing For The Summer program will be invited to sing those songs with the chorus. This is a great opportunity to find out if this is something that has been missing from your life.

The chorus loves to perform and to be able to do that, local businesses and groups need to be aware that The Great Lake Chorus exists. We are available for any almost any type of event ranging from personal parties to corporate functions. Length of the performances can vary with your needs.

For information on either the SING FOR THE SUMMER program or to get information about booking the chorus, please contact Patti Autenrieth at 219-464-9245 or visit our website at You can also friend us on our Facebook page at:!/GreatLakeSoundShowChorus