Helping NW Indiana Drivers Through the Credit Crunch

Written by Jen Sauri

When the economy fell upon hard times Porter, Lake and LaPorte County drivers found themselves driving older and older cars while facing expensive repairs and growing maintenance costs. Today, the average car is eleven years old but, of course, a great percentage of them are much much older than that!

While we’re in the business of selling cars, we are more realistically in the business of making sure our neighbors in Northwest Indiana are driving cars that are safe, reliable, affordable and that they meet the needs of our individual families. It’s a matching process.

Even before the slump, we found that the best way to grow car sales was to emphasize credit, financing and leasing. And working closely with our customers to put together the best plan to meet their own particular circumstances. In the process, we’ve proven that there’s no one or only way to match our vehicles and diverse financial resources with the needs of our customers. In truth there a lot of options and spending some “quality time” with customers is the best way to match the right car with the right driver. In the process, we’ve put together a team of real experts to work closely together with you.

Once we have determined what kind of vehicle best suits your needs, we have a super new tool for finding out what your trade in is worth. As NW Indiana’s only Trade-In Marketplace Official Dealer, Arnell can get you a free offer or cash for your Trade-In backed by It just takes a couple of minutes!

There’s an independent dealer rating service called DealerRater on the internet where you can find out how people all over the area have rated most of the dealers. The evaluations go into considerable depth...with real people saying real things about their shopping experience.

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I don’t like to brag, but when a customer says “We were blown away with the whole Arnell experience!!! It was more than we ever expected it would be. We had a financial hardship and unfortunately it put our credit in the dumpster... they were awesome and worked very hard to get us that payment we could afford” it gives you the feeling that we really are helping folks get through the credit crunch.

I don’t have space to go on and this article. There’s quite a good discussion about financing versus leasing on our Arnell website. The one last thing I will mention... it is time to re-think car and truck buying and getting to know all your options. A vehicle is the second most expensive item you’ll purchase next to your house. It’s best to know all the facts before you purchase your next vehicle...and Arnell Chevy-Kia is one of the best resources for helping you make a decision that is right for you.

Thanks for listening!