Holladay Properties Builds Bridges in Community on Day of Caring

Holladay Properties Builds Bridges in Community on Day of Caring

When it comes to supporting the communities you work and live in, Holladay Properties takes this responsibility very seriously, and this was on full display last month as the crew at Holladay took part in the United Way of Porter County’s Day of Caring.

The Day of Caring event is an annual occurrence that celebrates volunteerism all across Northwest Indiana and brings together a diverse group of people, companies and groups from local communities. These groups are challenged to complete a volunteer project that helps the community in some way and is a great way to encourage people to take a hands-on approach to improving the community they work in and imbuing a greater sense of volunteerism in participants.

"We started participating in the Day of Caring in 2008, and we try to participate every year. It's a great way to give back to our community and lend a helping hand to individuals who could use it. Our group really enjoys the Day of Caring event and looks forward to it every summer. We've been lucky to meet some really great individuals through this event," said Michelle Mosier, Administrative Assistant at Holladay, who was involved in the event.

"The true reward was seeing the happiness it brought to the residents of Pines Village and knowing we did something good," said Mosier.

Each organization was encouraged to pick a project in the community, and Holladay chose to help out the folks at Pines Village, and bring a smile to their faces and show the true embodiment of the Day of Caring. The Holladay team started off the day at a kickoff breakfast with the other groups and they were off!

The crew from Portage spent their day at Pines Village, a senior living community in Valparaiso, landscaping, painting and cleaning up outside and around the facility. This act of giving was just one way that Holladay expresses its commitment to serve the communities in which they build.

"Committed to excellence is Holladay's mission and we take this to mean more than just service to our clients and customers. To us, this means serving our communities and doing our part to improve the lives of others," says Amanda Watson, Corporate Director of Marketing at Holladay Properties. 

For their part, Pines Village was very greatful to have been lent a helping hand from the Holladay team that came out, and didn't shy away from sharing that grattitude. 

“The Residents and Staff of Pines Village Retirement Communities would like to extend their thanks to your team for all the amazing work they did at the 2017 United Way Day of Caring. The north side of our building really shines now and the residents have really taken notice. We hope you had as good of a day with us as we had with you,” said Pines Village CEO Laurie Mullet in thanks to the employees at Holladay.

The day closed out with a happier Pines Village community that could take greater enjoyment out of their surroundings, and a Holladay team that could be proud of their accomplishments and build up their community.