HUB of INnovation Opens as Extension of Hammond Innovation Center

hub-opens-1The HUB of Innovation, located at 5233 Hohman Ave., is an extension of the Hammond Innovation Center also managed by the Hammond Development Corporation. HUB is a new avenue for cultivating business and job creation through small business development and internship opportunities. It provides the resources to begin transition and developing interns into small business owners and career employees of Hammond businesses while assisting the business tenants with their expansion and growth.

Work on the renovation of the extension building has been in progress since mid-September. Once an empty building, the structure now includes a completed training room, classroom and conference room.

"We may add a few things to the kitchen, but we do have an already full kitchen," said Sue Anderson of the HUB of Innovation. "The lobby is well set and we are already holding events such as one with 140 people recently where we partnered with Centeir (Bank) and had 40 guest speakers."

hub-opens-2The newly renovated building will also be a focal point of the 7th Annual Downtown Hammond Council/DHC Holiday Kick-off Celebration, planned for November 22 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

"Santa Clause will be here and we will have a cookie contest and kids making ornaments,' Anderson said.

The HUB is the location of several businesses that bring diversified professionals together working with the cutting edge of their industries. These businesses are also committed to share their knowledge with interns as mentors and potential employers. They also encourage these interns to look at entrepreneurship as a long term outcome to become self-employed contractors or business owners. By supporting this form of business development the HUB is assisting business tenants in their expansion and effecting the development of new businesses in the Hammond community.

"It is totally a different feel," Anderson said. "The first (Innovation Center) is more professionl where this is more about technogology and creativity. Even the hallway is more googly. We have more high school and college interns over here helping our business."

Current businesses located in the HUB:

BeulahWorks, LLC. – Head quartered in Hammond, Indiana is a company founded by David A. Nevill and Site Guo. The company provides services to its customers in knowledge discovery utilization through the use and creation of information technologies. They not only provide solutions that enable people to uncover and understand how things are connected and work but how the connections affect their processes and operations.

Technology Experts, INC. – is a full service information technology & software engineering firm. They provide Infrastructure services, SAP design, installation, management and support and SCADA management and support as just examples of their experienced staff and services for businesses, municipals, educational institutions and healthcare organizations.

One Giving Tree LLC - programs are proprietary and focus on providing an opportunity for individuals and families to: 1. Empower themselves, and; 2. Cultivate the communities in which they live. Programs consist of: Community Work Investment Program; Community Service Engagement Program and Personal/Professional Achievement & Development Series and services provided are Therapeutic, Mentoring and Tutoring.

Original Domain - Original Domain LLC publishes Original Domain a quarterly art magazine for adult artists and My First Originals for the little artist published twice a year – in limited print –digital version and via website. They encourage, embrace and exhibit the original character, imagination and creations of artists of all ages and art disciplines in a new opportunity for public exposure and appreciation for their original works. - is focused on finding communication solutions that fit your needs. We are a "one-stop" shop for all of your communications needs, delivering Business Communications Solutions that work from Vintage to VOIP. 866-674-6750

The HUB offers a variety of business services such as conference rooms, small fitness center, technology lab with 3D printing capabilities, a training room and office space at the rental rate of $375.00 monthly. This monthly fee includes telephone, internet and the use of the services within the facility. For more information on the HUB programs and rental please contact 219-803-6300.