Indiana Beverage and 219 Beer bring Sun King Brewery Back To The Region At ‘Tap Takeover’- Donates Proceeds To Food Bank Of Northwest Indiana

Indiana Beverage partnered with Sun King Brewery on Friday at Craft House in Chesterton to launch Sun King’s delicious beer back into northern Indiana. The Sun King partnership with Indiana Beverage is already having a positive impact on the region as the proceeds generated at the ‘Tap Takeover’ were all donated to the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana.

“We’re here to support the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana and to re-launch Sun King Brewery back into Northern Indiana,” said Bob Jacobs, VP of Sales and Marketing at Indiana Beverage. “They make some sought after beer and people are really excited about bringing these brands back to Northwest Indiana.”

“It’s a great partnership,” said Jacobs. “To have this great brewery from Indianapolis and this great bar, the Craft House in Chesterton, and the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana come together with Indiana Beverage is kind of a cool thing. The four of us have come together for all the right reasons. They are a really community oriented brewery and really want to give back. The vision of community came together. People are willing to make a nice contribution because of the cause.”

The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana acquires and distributes food to hungry people from across the region and serves around 4.3 million meals in a year. Arleen Peterson, Executive Director with the Food Bank of NWI, was celebrating with Indiana Beverage and Sun King Brewery, and spoke about how partnerships help the organization.

“Everything the Food Bank does is local,” said Peterson. “That’s where the majority of our funds and donations come from so to be able to know that local businesses are coming to Northwest Indiana, are excited about being in Northwest Indiana and they also get to be on the back end of helping people who are hungry in our community, we absolutely couldn’t ask for a better partnership. We truly love to have partners who, right off the bat, believe in helping the community, supporting the community and doing good in the community.”

Echoing Peterson’s sentiments was Food Bank Of Northwest Indiana’s Deputy Director, Steve Beekman.

“One dollar equals three meals for us,” said Beekman. “We just try to evolve these relationships to help support the communities needs. We’re really happy to be apart of this and we have some great partners who want to get involved in fighting hunger. Everyone knows that it’s an important cause for us and the community and it’s great when we can all work together.

Sun King was previously available in Northwest Indiana but due to production limitations was forced to cut off access to their products in the northern third of the state. To celebrate their return Indiana Beverage is unveiling and promoting the launch of Sun King in 50 locations across 24 counties in Indiana from the Illinois to the Ohio border.

“We’re holding three big tapping parties today,” said David Bower, Sales Manager with Sun King Brewery. “One is here in Chesterton and the other two are in South Bend and Fort Wayne. Indiana Beverage has been incredible to work with and it’s quite a feat to pull this off in 50 bars across 24 counties. We couldn’t be more happy to partner with them. It’s very exciting!”

“Giving back to the community is one of the most important aspects of our business,” said Bower. “We don’t say no to anyone. That’s been important to us throughout the rest of the state and we want to continue that mission statement into the rest of Indiana as well. This is what we want. We want to give back to the community from the very beginning.”

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