Jacob’s Ladder: Making a Difference for One Region Family

Jacobs-Ladder-Making-a-Difference-for-One-Region-Family-2017 In the fall, Beth Johnson, from Lakeside Wealth Management, had the chance to tour Jacob’s Ladder Pediatric Rehabilitation in Chesterton with the Lakeside team. That visit peaked her interest and ultimately led to her signing her son Andrew up for speech therapy, just one of the many areas in which Jacob’s Ladder works with children.

Andrew recently had his first session at Jacob’s Ladder and although it may be too soon to judge any real progress, the experience has left Beth Johnson optimistic about her son’s future.

“With Andrew, he really needs structure so when he’s had therapists, teachers or aides who let him run the show he doesn’t do well,” Johnson said. “He needs someone that is very strict and won’t let him get away with anything. The therapist that was working with him at Jacob’s Ladder was that way and that was one thing that I really liked seeing.”

Seeing how the team at Jacob’s Ladder was able to connect with Andrew right away and immediately influence and make an impression upon him was, for Johnson, a promising sign.

“That’s exactly what he needs,” said Johnson. “He needs to know that he can’t go a little further and a little further. He was very good and really responded and listened to his therapist right away.”

“It was really cool because there has only been few people who have been able to connect with him right away and let him know that he’s not going to get away with anything, but she (therapist) is one of them.”

At Jacob’s Ladder, Andrew is now working every other week with a speech therapist.

“I’m really happy that his speech therapist has that personality because that’s exactly what he needs,” said Johnson. “He’s only gone once so far but when he came out the therapist reviewed everything that they did together. They worked on ‘th’ sounds and he did them all for me too. That was really nice because I got to see what they actually worked on.”

Johnson did have the chance to go back with Andrew during his therapy but she felt that he would accomplish more without her presence. “I think he responds better if it’s just one-on-one and mom’s not there,” Johnson added.

Although Andrew has had only one session, Johnson is optimistic from what she’s see so far from Andrew and the team at Jacob’s Ladder. Even though it was Andrew’s first visit, they all hit the ground running which was exciting to see.

“It’s only been one time but, for sure, I can tell that it’s going to be a good fit for him,” said Johnson. “They worked the whole half-hour and everyone was very warm and welcoming. The staff is very attentive and the parents were all very friendly. That was really great to be able see other parents and hear their stories.”

“Andrew likes it and he looks forward to going there,” added Johnson. “He’s very literal and when we were leaving he said, ‘Mom, when are we going to get to see the little boy?’ I said, ‘What little boy?’ And he said, ‘The little boy with the ladder.. Jacob!’ It was so funny!”

To find out about ways that you can lend your time, talent or treasure to Jacob’s Ladder Pediatric Rehabilitation, visit their website at: http://www.jacobskids.org/. To make a difference and donate today, click here!