Just-in-Time Deliveries Looking to Start Anew

By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: July 8, 2010

In mid-March, Justin Lund left the Westville Correctional Center and returned to Valparaiso to start new. He sat down with some friends at the New Creation Men’s Ministry program to use his enjoyment for riding his bicycle as a means to an end. After thinking about it for a few days, he determined how he could best help people and businesses in Valparaiso. Lund starting a bicycle messenger service, Just-in-Time Deliveries.

“Valparaiso doesn’t have many of the traffic issues that are found in big cities, but there is a unique geography here,” explained Lund.

Valparaiso’s mostly-flat landscape allows Lund to quickly and efficiently get around town, giving him an advantage in mobility. But, according to Lund, its not just about the cost of getting around town.

“It’s also about time. How much is your time worth? You’ve got to shut down what you’re doing, take the 15 minutes to travel across town, do your business, travel back, and set back up. Before you know it, you’re gone 45 minutes or an hour, and a lot of people don’t have an hour to spare.”

Whether you need to get across town to get anything from groceries to microprocessors, Lund is looking to help the community as much as possible while affecting the environment as little as possible.

“Whether people are at work or at home, sometimes they just can’t afford to get out. That’s where I come in, and I’ll have what they need where they need it ‘just-in time.’”

Lund delivers packages under 50 pounds anywhere in Valpo between US-30 and Burlington Beach Road. Pricing is dependent on the weight and importance of the package. For more information regarding Just-in-Time Deliveries, contact Justin at 219.241.4763 or email at justin_timedeliveries@yahoo.com.

Special thanks to Sherriff David Lain for passing this story along.